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This was not here before.

We had gone to see the doctor, just because that is the season as schools ask for certificates and permission to be given for activities. When done, we stopped near the clinic to play amongst the mushroom tops and tunnels.


Rubber floors and even yellow zones where kid might be appearing feet first at the bottom of a slide. Easy to say, "Don't stand on the yellow places."


I did not see any cables sticking out of the ground today, as there were in my previous park post. There was not anything in sight that screamed "Here to hurt your kids!" when I let them loose, so I was able to relax in case they went into the pastel forest.


And relax a bit more in my own palm forest for the duration, except when I was up shooting pictures of the place. Memories to sort in the computer.


The game was to jump from one mound to another which had me a bit worried but I calmed myself and waited an ice cream vendor to happen by in order to call them away if things get to crazy.


They played for over an hour to get the strangeness of doctors poking and prodding off their minds, and I was able to choose the pictures to post and partially write my post under the palms. The ice cream man never showed.

Home and ready for the school year to start. Going over anything I might have missed asa the smell of dinner permeates the house.

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