School's out for the Summer! 🎊 Party Time!

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It happens every year. Suds and Confetti

When I arrived, I greeted the parents of some of the friends that had stayed at our house during the school year. I heard a scream and saw the first victim bite it.


I forgot about this little ritual when I went to get the kids from the last day of school. They both passed and I'm happy about that but their clothing and the book bags are going to be ruined!


Then the shouting and the jumping and chanting started. Before long, the spray cans have come out - first, parents, and children were all in the midst. Nobody was safe!


The kids usually made at night time, but there will be several showers today! The confetti will be next and no one will be safe from that either.


I couldn't get any shots of my kids in the midst of it all, and I'm not sure if I would post them here if I had. This boy has been at our house several times and I won't give his name. Looks like he got the worst of it.


It lasted about 30 minutes and it took a lot of pictures but a lot were blurry and the ones of people I knew didn't come out because they had ducked behind someone or someone had stepped in front of them.



Mine were drying off after the event. Luckily I had the laundry in the car with me and I pulled out a couple clean towels so they can wipe off. This is all that was left after the event. Some empty cans and a lot of confetti!

I thank those of you who supported my recent posts.

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