Walking path: Collins Avenue going to Yellow Arrow

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It had been a very nice day today and, I have decided to walk. I live near the arrows tracks and this one leads to the Yellow arrow from Collins avenue.

The whole track in itself can be tackled within 15 minutes but because I kept stopping and taking pictures, it took me at least 20 minutes, give or take.

I love walking because it helps me with my stress. It helps me have the chance to just listen to my music and just, do just that. If you can see at the sign there, this has a lot of crocs- as most of the waterways here in Cairns.

I call this path as my paranoid path because, I am constantly very vigilant in case there are crocs lounging around somewhere.


Having said that, no one can deny the beauty of this place. Its breath taking- imagine a whole tree blooming with flowers.

These are simple things I found in Australia. I love it.

A closer look on the bunch of flowers.....

So on to the tracks. As you guys can see, its like being in another world. If I am gonna tell you that the highway- main highway is just a few meters from here, will you believe me?

I have truly fallen in love with my new home!




To demonstrate how dangerously close I am with the creek, the cement part was the pathway and that is the creek.

If a croc is hiding somewhere in the mangrove or underwater and decides to make a leap at me, I am gonna be dead- especially if its a saltie.

So, I am always careful- hypervigilant, I do not go here when its dark or, the chances of me being alone is great.




A few feet from that is this side.Very pretty, but equally dangerous. Who knows what animals are lurking underneath those rocks and foliage?


A view of the other side of the pond. Behind those trees are train tracks going to Kuranda.


Just across the bend.

A good hiding place.



Beyond that point is the yellow arrow track but, I only went as far as the visitor's center. I have not had my brekkie yet and, I don't wanna tire me unnecessarily.


Going back the same path. It when you go back that you have different views/ perspectives of the same place. So I love doing this!



The visitor's center.Note direction- I went back to Collin's avenue- the direction at the right side of your screen.


Wonderful trees. Magical pathway.

So this is another sign that says, there are crocodiles in the area. The bridge you guys are seeing here are used by bikers.


The other side, going back.
And, this is connected to that picture- where the crocodile sign and bike bridge was. This is where I usually see people making these awesome bike tricks.

Some crab holes here. I don't know what type of crabs live here. They're crabs.




I think that the dark brown area was prone to flooding or a bog.

Look behind the tree.


A very magical pathway indeed!


Back to where I come from. I think it would really be nice to just finish this post with the same tree I love.


I love walking, its a healthy habit that I do even when I was younger. Its meditative, its healthy, its free, there is no need for a special equipment or anything else. Just find a path and, let your feet take you where your heart wants you to go.



What a serenity! Great walking area and clearing the mind path. Next time try the tag pinmapple , wednesdaywalk treetuesday amazingnature ( this one I would add for sure ) and nature. Good weekend dear

I will Britt! I live in a place where there are a lot of walking paths!

You are lucky because that is what we need next to the busy life we have