In Which We Fulfil OCD Tendencies by Purchasing Another Landrover [Or, Zen and the Art of Landrover Maintenance]

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There's a guy we follow on Instagram that has spent two years meticulously de-rusting every single bolt and piece of metal in his series 3 Landrover. Having finished the last one, he is a bit concerned about what he will now do with his time. Somehow that project helped focus his mind and ease his troubles a little. He's jovial about it, but we realised that sometimes hobbies are just a way to direct energy when it's hard to be grounded. It's about finding some zen in a world that's decidedly unzen.

Wally in the lower field. Hopefully we'll be able to go camping soon

We all have our ways of coping.

Is this why Jamie got another Landrover?

Already, he's obsessing. Waking up at 3 am and running through lists in his head. He builds and fixes and does mechanics in his sleep - or at least during those hours before dawn. He doesn't mind - what takes place in his imagination enables him to use his waking hours wisely and efficiently, as the thinking is already done.

Why wouldn't you clean a car before you sell it?

Making breakfast with Buttercup and Wally in the lower field

The Landrover 130 is absolutely better than Buttercup - we've started with a mechanically freaking awesome beast, with a TD5 engine that's been previously given lots of love. There's hardly any rust - just a few spots around the bulkhead that most people wouldn't bother about. Yet there he he is, pulling apart the entire dash and undoing the air conditioning unit under the hood so he can rust kill it all. He'll replace every rusty screw there with a stainless steel one. The entire cab has been pulled apart and I've helped him wash the headlining, and take the headlining off some parts so that we can recover it with dark grey carpet - a kinda two tone effect.

I won't let him spend much money on it (as usual) but he's very good at coming up with alternatives. First is fixing up the front end.

🔧Fixing the steering protection bar
🔧Adding Tough Dog return to centre steering damper
🔧Replacing the track rod and steering rod with heavy duty ones because the track rod is bent
🔧Refitting bull bar closer to front
🔧Grill and headline surrounds refurbished and put back on with stainless steel fixings
🔧Lights replaced with LED clear WIPAC lights
🔧Cleaning and tidying and spraying scratches and holes
🔧Tidying up winch and refitting rope


Now, if you're wondering what our justification was for buying a new Landrover when we already have one, here are our excuses:

  1. Long range tanks and better fuel efficiency with diesel engine for long haul overland trips, possibly to Europe at some stage.
  2. Air conditioning - Buttercup doesn't have it and it's expensive and hard to fit.
  3. Keeping Buttercup more true to original rather that fitting her out to go overland and spoil her look.
  4. More room for what we need to go overlanding
  5. Potential to put a pop top camper on the back.

I think that's a pretty good justification, don't you? To be honest, the OCD revelation only came after we bought Wally. And thank god we did - we're still in lockdown in Victoria so it gives Jamie something to focus on, a creative project that speaks of hope for travelling one day in a world torn asunder by a virus that's outside our control.

Update as of last night! Regional Victoria is out of lockdown. There's still plenty of rules and regulations, and we're just waiting for Dan Andrews, our state premier, to answering the camping question, but we may actually be able to go somewhere soon!

Do you have a 4x4?

What are your travel plans after the pandemic?

Do you have crazy projects that help with your mental health?

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With Love,

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I don't know anything about 4x4, but I love how you narrate the whole experience and comparison of the trucks. I really like that this has been so good for your personal therapy. Adiwa🙏

Thankyou sweetheart! It's so kind of you to comment @auelitairene! Landrovers seem to be at odds with my spiritual life, but in some ways, they are part of it!

You'll not go wrong with the 130, tough truck and capable too. I like the mods/work you're doing on it...Sensible. That TD RTC damper is a good idea too. I'm not on Instagram but I'm sure you'll keep me informed.

Shut up! That breakfast...How good does breakfast cooked over a fire taste? Don't even answer that...No need...I already know! LOL.

Also, I want to answer your questions:

Do you have a 4x4?

You know it...No need to add much here.

What are your travel plans after the pandemic?

Road-tripping next year a bit...Camping at your place.

Do you have crazy projects that help with your mental health?

Nah, I'm just crazy...Helps with the mental health a lot. Justifies it.

Well, sometimes if you're crazy, you're crazy enough to think others are crazy and not notice your crazy at all - I'm happy to be friends with crazy though - makes for a much more interesting life.

OOH yeah - food on the campfire is SO much better!

Can't wait to roadtrip on weekend at last - should be ready to leave Monday. Wally will need to be roadworthy, so we'll go in Buttercup!

And yes, camping at my place is totally ready for you!

Crazy knows crazy...Is that what you're saying? Lol.

Road-trippin' y'all! :)

I don't have a 4 by 4, but I might wish I did in a couple of weeks.

Absolutely nothing wrong with doing up another one - having a project to work on is one of the most fulfilling aspects of life.

People need to work!

Wally's looking very good!

No plans to travel, I'm a homebody... and there's this addition.... so no energy to do anything but homestead and build...

You can always find someway to justify another automobile 🤣

What beasts the Landrovers are, I believe that this type of car is not found here in the West, at least in South America I have not seen it. Having to fix and clean a car is a very extensive job and you will most likely have it very busy, but it is a good form of distraction.

I love Rovers, but don't miss owning a car and all the maintenance and costs that go with it. Rust is a killer on old cars. I have an unfinished Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup Truck project in the USA. I dipped the whole thing in acid and was rebuilding the thing bolt by bolt before I darted off to Cambodia in 2010.

We did some pretty Land-Rover-esque adventures with our BajajRE in Cambodia, ready to get back to those times very soon.