Will this be my last post on Hive/LasseCash, ever? In years?

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@themarkymark is a pain in the ass brainwashed MF, unfortunately Hive witness and unfortunately the other top 20 Hive witnesses dont seem to go against him... Hive is very flawed in my view, but LasseCash uses the good parts, the blockchain itself is extremely robust and perfect for the OUTPOST LasseCash, the proof of brain on hive is completely broken and that is why LasseCash exists.

/Lasse Ehlers


I would like to see Lassecash succeed - I think you are right that you are the only platform looking to reward content that is rejected by the popular sources of infotainment. You might get a couple Minds tokens for your efforts...
Every day there is someone seeing the world in a way they were incapable of yesterday. I think there is hope for your platform.

I would like to see Lassecash succeed

To some extent we are already a success, every word is stored forever in the blockchain, thats a win.

Dont worry, 3-4 years from now LasseCash cost a lot more. I have no doubt.

Thank you for the supportive words.