This little guy! Frog Season

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We've had a rainy week in southwest Florida, and I hear a million frogs. The severity of my tinnitus usually masks the nocturnal orchestra, but there are so many of them! This is the season where I can expect to be regularly smacked in the face by a frog that is attracted to the bugs that are attracted to my reading light. Most of the ones I'm seeing today are of the tiny variety, and will not get bigger. Nearly all of the bromeliads I peer into have a tiny pair of eyes peering back out. May they feast on many mosquitos!



In light of their pay-for-votes scheme and their spam, I may soon decide to downvote posts from people that vote for the @earn.hive witness to change the economics of such a vote. Witness votes should be for trustworthy, competent people that will keep the Hive network running and decentralized, giving value to your stake. A witness account that is a scheme to give kickbacks to its voters introduces perverse incentive and should be treated as a parasite.

Noted and thank you.

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