Hive Builders - best kept secret on Hive with Defi and SCV tokens

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We do not do to many posts about finance and tokens but we really feel that we need to shout a little bit about what Hive Builders do as they do not shout about themselves anywhere near enough. They are QAM and Gringo on discord but I do not know their hive users. We have been doing a bit of digging and have got involved with 2 of their tokens and we are impressed with what they do. This is not financial advice.....but just an observation of what has happened!



The Defi Token

We heard about this on the grapevine a token with increased rewards and a gaurneteed buy back....sounds too good to be true right? Well they did exactly what they said it would do and the buy wall is there if we want to sell. They did an update posts yesterday tagging everyone that the first round of defi is done and they can sell or hold their tokens for round 2. You can see the post here:


So we bought 160 defi token at 0.1 Hive


We now have 201.9 tokens we can sell for 0.1 hive as they have made sure they provide the liquidity


So basically it slowly grows and you can cash out at any time as they use the money earned to invest and provide the liquidity. Overall I have been very impressed with the way they work and do what they say on the tin! Will we be selling now? No definitely not, will we buy some more? Yes for sure!


Splinterlands community validator token

This was a newer token they developped bassed on owning the Splinterlands Validator licence and they then use the vouchers earned to give out as dividends and also to start a buy back wall and burn programme. Yet again their tokenomics seem sound. They are starting to provide a buy wall already which you can see and I know they will be providing more. I think they own 2 licences now.


The more they burn also means the more dividends we will get, at the moment we only get vouchers but will get SPS when that starts:


To be honest with the rising cost of the token, the buy backs, the liquidity and the regular dividends we are really please we got in early on this one. This is what we get every few days as divs for now:




Like so many awesome projects and people on Hive they do not always shout about themselves enough. Just looking at these 2 tokens and the team behind it we have been very impressed. Not only that we know they have been around for a long time on hive and Steem and have an excellent track record. I know they have a few more exciting plans for the future and to be honest looking at their tokenomics has been both a profitable experience as well as a brilliant learning curve!

Join their discord to say hi and learn more -

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Man, This tokens looks Good and buyback or growing - something new for me and would like to dig more or willing to get into some strong project building value but first Gotta build HP and hopefully these will not be much expensive at the time of buying.

Coming to the discord! Thank for providing it.
Have a nice day ahead!

Hey nice one, see you there!

Already there!

Happy to see you involved in compounding your wealth on hive. !BEER is on me.

Hive is full of potential - worth to compound or get more involve. Thanks!

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It looks pretty interesting!

yes simple and cool and they just get on with it! !PIZZA

I am just holding 1000 SCV. That's the amount I can afford for now.



Nice one, good plan! !PIZZA

Awesome work lads! Will take a look.

Deffo worth checking out for sure !PIZZA

Feel free to join our discord and ask any questions

Thanks guys 👍

Good shout!
Will definitely be looking into this one too :)


Glad you put this in ListNerds.

I have heard of DEFI token and wanted to get some but never had the $$$ to buy in. It's still on my radar though.

Never heard of this SCV but it does sound Interesting. I'll have to check it out further maybe even get a few.

You showed us the results from holding SCV but how many do you hold to get those earnings?


I got about 44k..... thanks for the reply

Thanks, now I have an idea of what I need to try to get so I can get a pied of that action.


Thank you so much for this information. It is very helpful.

@cwow2 you might be interested in this DEFI token. You hold them but now I pin them for what it actually does.

I already have like 3k scv tokens already before the price pumped xD

I also already sold my defi tokens, that was before I knew they were going to compound it xD

I was interested to know more about DEFI token. The name was enough to catch my attention. On searching DEFI, my search result experience was not good. Thank you for spreading light on this DEFI token topic. I also bought SVC in the pre-sale. I was unaware both are from the same team.


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👋 we do run both tokens and probably need to make things a little clearer. Glad you have scv we feel it is doing good and should do even better once the sps rewards start. Feel free to join our discord and ask any questions

Thanks for the invite, I joined your discord. !PIZZA

Oh nice one, yes same team and cool projects! !PIZZA


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Guess Ill take a look my homies thx for sharing this had 0 clue