Creating Generation Wealth or Financial Freedom

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Everyone should aim to be financially free because that can help you financially for your future. Now the question is whether you want to become financially free and work on your passion or continue working to create generational wealth.


Let's go through some of the concepts. Financially free means that you have enough money as your assets so that you get your monthly expenses and then you can work on your passion and also be less stressful. Creating generational wealth is that, you will be financially free still continue working and be in the stressful situation for long and then create the wealth which you can pass it to your child and then you have created the wealth for your family.

So we will find two types of people, one who works on creating the generational wealth and one who works towards becoming financially free. To be honest the main aim is to get financially free first and then you can think of creating the generational wealth or not. For me the first and foremost thing is to get to the point where I can say that I am financially free. And then think about whether to continue working or not.

People who have worked on the passive income then you can think of creating the generational wealth because the passive income can continue even after you become financially free. So it's better to be work on towards creating the passive income if you want to become financially free and also want to create the generational wealth.

But if you want to just save and invest from your salary then you can just become financially free and forget about creating the generation wealth. So that's why it's all about what you want to do, thus have to work towards doing that.


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