Mavericks Offering $100 in Bitcoin For Using Voyager Digital app

in #leofinance7 months ago (edited)

The Dallas Mavericks have a new promo that offers $100 in bitcoin if you download, sign up and use a new crypto app, the Voyager Digital App. Fans who download the app, and make their account using the promo code MAVS100 this week and who also deposit $100 and make one trade it seems, could receive $100 in free BTC but this promo was only for a limited time.

This new bitcoin promotion from the Mavericks was recently announced just this week.

This is a new way that the Mavericks have come up with to introduce fans to crypto and we are seeing more celebrities get involved these days in helping to promote crypto websites and other programs in the market.

The offer of the $100 free bitcoin allows those fans to test bitcoin and see what it is like, those who might not have had any experience yet but who are looking forward to that $100 promo.

Most people still do not understand how to use it directly and what value it can bring them individually, testing it on their own gives them a better idea. With signing up and getting that $100 they can experiment with buying other crypto, holding and seeing how they do, or cashing out and seeing the value of bitcoin firsthand. There are other promotions that have come out recently that have also sought to get people interested by offering a free amount with sign up and this is a great way to attract new customers to use those apps and exchanges.

Growing Awareness for Crypto in Sports

The Mavericks are helping to bring that awareness for crypto and education to their fans and there are likely to be many fans who will be eager to take advantage of that promo and get the $100 bitcoin from using the app.


Cool been a Voyager fan for a long time after I had some Ethos in my wallet, and suddenly they where worth a lot. Also got the stock (VYGVF). Hopefully, I can use the app soon as Voyager is expanding to Europe (and Norway I suppose).

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