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Hi hive followers.....!!!!
How are you all.? Hope you all are fine . How's your Friday. Hope so you enjoy your day..! Viewers as i say i started a Gold Bolg so here i come again . It's my second blogs About Gold. I hope that you guys will support me in this one as you have supported me in earlier ones. Hive viewers as you know that Gold plays a special role in any country's society or economy . Many economies in the world today are based on gold . And the price of gold can be determined by the demand for it. When its demand increases, so does its price. Many people in the world save money in the form of gold.

well today I'm sharing some pictures of Gold bangles. Which I bought some time ago and I am happy to share these pictures with you.


I bought these bangle some time ago. Then the price of gold did not increase so much. Since then the price has gone up a lot.


There are six bangles in the whole set.
And all these bangles are made with hands. All these bangles are hand embroidered . All are made in the same way and with the same design. While making all of them, care has been taken to ensure that all of them have the same design without any change. This design was custom made by me and I liked it. Here at Gold Market we can create any design you want. These bangles are also made of twenty-four carat. No kind of pearls are used inside these bangles either . They are made of gold only . Hope you like all these designs


Pretty bangles! How many carats are those, may I ask?

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Yeah sure ..! it's 24 carats

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