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Hi hive followers..!
How are you. Hope you all are well and enjoying your weekend with family/friends . I'm happy to be a part of hive family. i learned to much things form there And there are many things to learn. Hive is a platform where we can openly talk about anything and express our opinions. Wel today I'm sharing a post about gold necklace Which I bought from the market a year ago. Then the price of gold did not increase so much. Then price of it is 1 lack 35 thousands in PKR. Rs(135000) PKR Which in dollars at that time . USD Six hundred and eighty one or something. USD(681)dollars . Since then, the price has gone up by at least two hundred dollars within a year. Which is very high according to the currency of our country. Here some pictures of these necklace.


Made with 24 carat gold. It is computer designed and built by hand . It has been worked on very finely and cleanly. Pearls have been used to make it.

One thing I have noticed in myself is that gold never hurts you with the present time. It is a great thing for saving and investing.


All your jewelery is very well engraved. I learn a lot from your post. Thank you very much for sharing your opinion with me

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