What I Love & Hate About Hive

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What A Way To Start

The very title of this article is something you will never really come across on Hive. The main reason is that everyone is too busy walking around on eggshells, trying so desperately not to “offend” influential and hefty ‘wallets’ on the chain. To a large extent, honesty is a beautiful human virtue and yet it is often sold for the sake of a couple of cents, or dollars. Let’s be honest, Hive is a great platform. However, it’s definitely not perfect… nothing in life is, and anyone who is unable to accept that there are negative aspects is actually quite delusional.

I have often spoken about decentralization and the amazing benefits it has to offer. Simultaneously, I have mentioned that there are also flaws and that there is no true aspect of decentralization. Wherever decentralization exists, it exists in levels. There are high levels of decentralization, as well as more impoverished levels. Denying this reality is quite simply delusional behavior.

Things are the way they are, and just because you want something to be a certain way doesn’t make it that way. In life you have to deal with realities… life doesn’t adjust to meet your requirements, you adjust, so as to survive and prosper. This is a healthy mindset because it remains within the realm of reality. Escapism into delusional states of consciousness is usually the beginning of a downward spiral.

To The Matter At Hand

Now that I have got that out of the way, let’s address the things I really love and hate about Hive. Ever since I came across Steemit back in 2016, I was immediately captivated by the absolute brilliance of this economic model, and yes, Hive is very much an economic model. You know when you come across something and it just resonates with you! Something about it appeals to the very things in life you hold dear, and value.

Unfortunately, due to a crazy workload at the time, I was unable to apply the attention to Steemit, I so dearly desired to. However, the birthing of Hive recaptured my attention and I was in a somewhat different chapter in life. It was a new chapter for Hive, as well as for me. I had just sold my business at the tail end of 2019, which coincidentally happened to be perfect timing. It was literally months prior to covid.

I saw this as a great time to begin exploring and utilizing the Hive blockchain. So, in 2020 I created a completely new account and began my journey. It has been rather interesting, to say the least. The DPOS protocol works extremely well, in regard to literally creating value. In a perfect world, the value captured by accurate data, knowledge, and intelligence unlocks the value being created by this protocol.

The potential for this exists. However, it is largely decided by those partaking in the economy and not a law of “blockchain nature” such as gravity. Essentially, the majority of the participants (or stakeholders) ultimately decide what is valuable. Oh boy, this is going to be a long post… anyway, if we look back at the history of money we find that at a certain point in history, shells were actually a form of money.

By consensus, shells were declared valuable, yet we all know that they are not. You can walk along beaches all day gathering shells. They have no monetary value whatsoever. What am I trying to bring across here? Well, partakers on the blockchain are ultimately deciding where the value lies. In other words, via the leveraging of the DPOS protocol, value can be assigned to “junk” as well as to “gold”.

Creating A Standard Of Value

In other words, consensus creates the categorization and assignment of value. If the majority of upvotes on Hive went to 200-word posts about people’s workday… that is where the value would be interpreted. Everyone would begin writing posts in this regard. On the other hand, if the majority of upvotes went to more lengthy posts that addressed critical aspects of human life, together with economics and other important topics… coupled with accurate data, knowledge, and intellect… this would be seen as truly valuable.

Every upvote sets the standard. This implies responsibility, and over time, either creates a standard of valuable data, or random garbage that pretty much benefits nobody. As the Hive community, we hold the power. Obviously, the true responsibility lies with the whales. With great power comes great responsibility. Whales, you are shaping the future value of Hive whether you realize it or not.

This is something I have addressed a few times in regard to what constitutes value when it comes to content creation. When I view the “world of content” objectively, I find a level of dissociation. Let me explain. In my experience, value in regard to the content on the Hive blockchain and other Crypto platforms is seldom synonymous with accuracy. Why is this so strange? Well, people expect and desire accuracy, and yet are unwilling to accredit it in their own oikos.

Let me expound further. Why has the mainstream media lost so many consumers? Why are people leaving these news networks in droves? FOX literally lost more than 50% of its viewers when it chose to axe Tucker Carlson. CNN is barely a shell of a news network, especially in comparison to its dominant past. Let me say it in plain English… people are leaving because the content being delivered is for the most part inaccurate. It’s solely propaganda.

Funny how people desire accuracy in regard to what they consume but are happy to produce content for other consumers with little to no regard for delivering a product equivalent to their own standards and demands. Hypocrisy in typical human expression.

Potential Is Not A Guarantee Of Success

At the end of the day, Hive is a tool, and how it is leveraged decides what it will become. The same building materials are used to build individual buildings, as well as skyscrapers. Consumers have clearly displayed where human allegiance lies in regard to content… it lies with accuracy! Content that is insightful, helpful, and even scarce, due to its level of solid information and data.

I am not a Twitter fan, but what has singled it out amongst its counterparts? Yes, a higher level of accurate, uncensored information and data. Yes, I understand there is room for images of your breakfast and other random titbits. However, there needs to be an undergirding of accuracy in the form of solid and credible information. At the end of the day, a decentralized platform cannot demand a certain “product”.

However, as a well-known individual once said, “To me all things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial”. You have the freedom to create what you will, but why settle for less? This is something I long to see on Hive. I love that the potential exists within this model. However, it’s not a guarantee. My hope for Hive has always been a treasure trove of information, valuable life lessons, and other adventures of travel and human discovery.

In regard to Leofinance, I have always wanted to see it become a point of reference. A place people stream to in order to access valuable information and insights in regard to finance, economics, and Crypto. I know everyone is completely sold on short-form content at the moment. However, it’s simply another expression of Leofinance. In actual fact, it’s not. It’s been stated that it is not restricted to finance-related content.

It has potential and scope, but never forget your roots is an important nugget of wisdom that I believe is applicable here. In my mind, if we are one day to look back in regard to the “makings of Leofinance”, in regard to adoption, it will be because people have begun flooding to a source of accurate and intelligent finance-related content. Finance is synonymous with intelligence. If you remove that aspect you remove its heart.

Without a heart, all life dies. I want to see more deep thinkers, analytical minds, and exceptionally accurate content. Is this a dream? Perhaps… however, it is possible, and in my opinion, required, at least to some extent for Leofinance to truly find its place.

Final Thoughts

In short, I love the potential and even the current workings of this model. However, I find it extremely underutilized in regard to its true potential. At the end of the day, self-interest never serves any community. A moment of introspection is always good. What motivates your contribution and the delegation of your stake in regard to this protocol? Why do you upvote the posts that you do? What’s the real motivation?

What are you actually doing on Hive? For some, an honest answer here will be encouraging. For others, it will be challenging… and for others, it will simply be ignored. Regardless of whether you are able, or even choose to answer this question… it has the ability to provide clarity and objectivity. Hive is a great place with enormous potential and at the end of the day, it will be what it will be. However, it will be what we make it.


First of all, I am not a financial advisor. All information provided on this website is strictly my own opinion and not financial advice. I do make use of affiliate links. Purchasing or interacting with any third-party company could result in me receiving a commission. In some instances, utilizing an affiliate link can also result in a bonus or discount.

This article was first published on Sapphire Crypto.


There is indeed no true decentralization. Only levels of it. I was immediately sold to the concept behind Hive when I first heard about it. But over time, that reality is a bit different. Even with the best intentions, accurate results aren't always a given. We each have a part to play both as a creator and consumer in shaping what Hive will be like in the future. But much of the power lies in those who have a big stake on the network like you pointed out above. Great and interesting post!

I thought its going to be a brave post.

Well... You can't expect expert content here, people write what they know, it would be inaccurate. Not everyone are having ethics and morals on it, but atleast spam and phagmarism content is caught and punished.

Downvotes is a big problem, when whales do it only to harass you, its happened to me and ofcourse we don't want to offend whales.

There have been good whales supporting my content.

Why I use Hive, Leofinance...

I have my growth story... but still I do it as its a space to publish my articles, and I do get encouraged with upvotes, comments and stuff.

Another thing that demotivates me is as you say bad content, I want to read good, enriching articles as well. So, I prioritise in reading mainstream articles and writing, my brain gets num if I can't find a meaningful peace to read when I browse posts.


I loved the opening para, that's all... came here from Leo threads, I was expecting something more precise, than only expecting amazing accurate content.

Leofinance is actually also for doing Defi... you should do more in Hive than write...same advise for me too!! yawns , goodday.

I am always respectful. What I sometimes contribute is considered "negative". However, I have built businesses from the ground up. I know that real growth takes place with honest introspection. Many become stagnant because this is something that is challenging, and quite honestly, they are not up for it. Well, the result is stagnation... so people get to choose what they want. There are a number of whales who have a pretty healthy approach, IMO. I was part of CUB from day 1, so I have been involved in a lot of the DeFi stuff and HBD. There's loads of potential here!

Many years ago I listened to a recording of an Alan Watts talk where he states with fearless confidence: "We possess now the technology to enable every single person on Earth to generate an independent source of income."

This was made some time in the 1960s or 70s, and I first heard it in 2008. I think about it often. Hive is the current manifestation of this fact, presenting the lowest barrier to entry for participants that I know.

That's part of why I'm here. Hive self-evidently guarantees the means to an independent income within it's operational structure.

If you have personal access to electricity, a computer, the Internet, and possess the knowledge of how to use these things, then the obstacles to the generation of your income are far fewer in number, and reside mostly inside the self.

Which is wonderful. Really simplifies the unfolding journey to self-actualisation.

What luck that we live at this time and have knowledge of this technology! This model for the future as much as the present. It's not perfect, as you mention, but it's less imperfect than what's come prior.

Another part of why I'm here, is that on the odd occasion, when life allows, I'm lucky enough to see invigorating, thought-inducing and well-written content, like what you've crafted here.

So thank you, and best regards.

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