Crypto Winter has begun! Blood in the streets! It only took 8 months for my prediction of crypto crashing to come true

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This is the third time I've been in the crypto bubble and saw it popping.

Hive was 3.40 now about 90 cents.

BTC around 36k.

We have further down to go. You see, number doesnt just always go up. Anyone you follow that says btc to 100k by the end of 2021 was wrong and laughably so.

Btc doeant have support at 40k or even 30k. It has support wherever a whales decides to stop using bots to dump to. That number is never known. Almost all TA you have read or seen was pure lies built on horus pocus guesses and magical word salads.

I hope you all learn this painful lesson. It's always better to sell on the way up than it is to try and time the peak and all there. Hodlers are their own religion of "number go up" so dont be fooled. Repeating something over and over doesnt make number go up. Sentiment makes numbers go up in the short term, fundamentals in long term. Sentiment passed fundamentals again and nows it's time to pay the price!

Repent sinners!


Let's enjoy this crash together shall we? For those of us who sold into stables we are the next kings and queens. Congrats! To the hodlers, enjoy the bag holding of the next few years, the stress that comes with it is powerfully terrible.

Having 1 mil hp staked was never the way, liquid hive is how you make millions and sell on the way up. Those who have it staked are locked in for losing. Hive has a terribly long powerdown time that should be lowered. I cant imagine the opportunity cost of staking so much and watching it go down by 70 percent.


Actually I was lucky enough to get out.... LoL I actually did very well on the little bounce up.

Now it's going back to having fun steak steak steak!!!

I think I'm going to become a me a beef rancher!

I really don't think that the market is going to take being this far down for long because like you said if you are in a position to liquid transfer and buy in at the bottom you are really doing well then....

So I see this as both a blessing and a longer-term opportunity for those able to do that.

And.... Buy the dip. Opportunities for the bold.

Oh I'm getting ready to buy

All the smart people are!