This Crypto Crash is a Golden Opportunity

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Hey Guys.


This is going to be an inspiring post.

It has been more than 4 years I’m dealing with crypto. 2018,2020 and 2022 are looking very, very similar.

Difference is that the recent sell-off was the biggest of all.


Pay close attention to the last sentence. After a sell-off you have 2 options: Stabilization or a Quick Reversal.

I’m betting we’re going to see a kind of stability for these prices by now, just like it happened on 18’ & 19’.

Good second semester to accumulate.

We’re living an accumulation period.

Let’s dive a little bit into the definition of what’s happening:


Apply this knowledge and you will not regret.


Of course we have regulations about to come to crypto, but that will be a good sign. Just keep in mind we might not see that much of volatility in the future, so take advantage while you can.

Life is a movie and you’re living it.

Revolution is not going’ to be televised.

Crypto is going to have some dead-cat bounces during this bear market.

Amazon had an average of 50% yearly drops before becoming the biggest company in the world.

Get used to the volatility

That’s more than expected when dealing with disrupting technologies.

Market on June 22nd:


Let’s check how BTC has been acting recently:

Weekly Chart - Price on June 20th 2022:




That’s a very, very interesting RSI.

Last Saturday a friend of mine decided to stack some sats when I told him BTC was at 18k. Some people were waiting hard for this drop. I was one of them.


An initial purchase that went really well, I can tell.

That’s what we got on June 21st:


Probably a bounce but still, 18k was too tasty not to buy some BTC. It still is a good purchase for long time HODLERS. Absolutely no doubt about it.

Goin’ to an adventure, are we?

Let’s make it happen guys.

A wise man once said:

Don’t be afraid to start over again. This time, you’re not starting from scratch, you’re starting from experience.
Biggs Burke


Best Regards,


The future is awesome.


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