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One of the questions that generate more anxiety, depending on the family or social circle with which you live. That question you do it as long as you're tired of everything, how much your body and your soul are desperate to be who they are, tired of pretending.

You meditate for days, weeks or sometimes even months. Imagine the most horrible scenarios as the best, knowing that it is a decision that will soon reach you. You know that you will not live the rest of your life hiding, because there is something inside you that will not let you keep doing it, that will not let you hide more. You think about evading it, but it is impossible, it confronts you every second of your life. You look for the right moment, but you know very well that it is an excuse. You despair, you calm down, you cry, you pretend that nothing has happened, but the cycle repeats itself and repeats itself, until there comes a time when it breaks, wears out, and it is there at the most opportune or the most inopportune moment, when you decide to do it You feel for a few seconds as if your life came out of you and re-entered giving you a very strong blow. You feel as if you are facing a trial where the defendant is you. You know there is no going back and you expect the best. You just want to scream, there is a part of you that manages to feel good, a feeling of relief that you had time without feeling and that you do not want to leave.

What happens next depends on each person, each family, and the sad thing is that many times they are not good consequences. I particularly had a very good response from my parents. My mother already knew and my father, despite not being very emotional, said these words, "It is the life that I have to lead and you must love and accept it, and the fact that I bother you or claim you, is generate a conflict for the family, and what matters most is that we are united and happy.Fulfill your dreams and grow personally, which is the only thing that really matters in this life. " I never expected that response from him, even my mother told me not to say anything, but in the end everything turned out well. In the same way there comes a time when you manage to love yourself that no opinion matters anymore, every human being lives his life, you simply decide to live yours.

Today I think it is something that should not be said. I dream of the day when a father or mother does not care if their son or daughter presents a man or a woman as a couple. Today I think about the day I told my parents and it was as if I were telling them something bad, because unfortunately even for oneself it is a process in which, over time, these prejudices that society has placed on it are dispelled, to the point that already today I realize that their opinion regarding that should not matter to me.

People decide how to live. Your parents, your friends, brothers decided how to live their lives, you decide to live yours by loving yourself and doing what you love most no matter the opinion of absolutely no one. Sometimes it is hard to have the rejection of people you love, and that is one of the many fears for which you do not take the step, but if they really love you, they will respect you as you are and love to see you happy. For your parents do not worry, their love is something impossible to break, perhaps it is difficult for them to assimilate it, but they understand that it is not entirely their fault, it is the fault of the discriminating society in which they grew up, but I know that the time will come when they will not care. Well, there will always be some imbecile who will criticize you and who will not agree... but who will give an account of your life will always be you. So you decide.

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