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The struggle for the rights of the LGBT community continue, either by movements or groups that support pride, or in more personal struggles like at home with your parents, relatives, in the community where you live, or by those religious friends who They say that that's not right. The scale of intensity varies from city to city, from a simple homophobic commentary to a cruel and inhuman murder. It is enough to just open the networks and realize all the conflict that is still generating the topic, and although there are significant developments in different cities there are still struggles to be done.

The different cities where today the LGBT community enjoys its rights as it should be all over the world, have been literally years of struggle and death. For thousands of years people belonging to this group have been treated atrociously, as sick, demonized, abominable, away from God, deviated, etc ... Forcing many to hide behind a marriage, behind a "correct" look, behind religion, behind homophobia, even fleeing through suicide.

There are countries where homophobia has reached the extremes in terms of legislation

  • In Afghanistan. Homosexual relationships are punishable by death by stoning. (Stoning is a very old means of execution, consisting of assistants throwing stones at the inmate to death.)

  • In Cameroon. You are sentenced to up to 8 years in prison for being homosexual.

  • In Libya. They condemn you to prison.

  • Qatar. Regulated by Islamic law, which makes homosexuals very persecuted in this country.

  • Iran. Not only do they have the death penalty for homosexuality, but they also give you the option of being operated on to cure homosexuality.

  • United Arab Emirates. If you are homosexual it is recommended that you do not go. Although being a tourist can not hurt you, you will only be deported. Unlike if you are a resident you can be sentenced to death or as it is practiced in some emirates to submit you under a "cure".

  • Republic of Chechnya. Part of the Russian Federation, although it has a certain legislative antonym. In this country homosexuality is punished with the death penalty. This law is currently suspended, but even so, it is a place where you can be murdered for being homosexual and where the authorities will not move a finger for these events.

Just as these countries there are many more where it is repeated in the same, death penalty, prison, persecution etc. And where none does anything for the rights of LGBT people.

Despite all this information there are still many people who criticize and qualify the LGBT community to be " scandalous" or people who just want to get attention. None of the people belonging to this group want anyone's attention. It is about the fight for rights that for years the laws of the world have refused to give. It is only about defending the rights that we as human beings deserve to have. There is a constant attack against the LGBT community, which is impossible to keep silent about what happens in the world. You have to be very cold to not feel even a little empathy in front of all this injustice. We are accused of "scandalous", when the world and society is the first to make a scandal for LGBT people in order to continue denying us our rights as human beings. It is basic to respond when you feel attacked or offended.

There are people who claim that homosexuality is a disease or mental deviation. But Harvey Milk, first public official to openly declare homosexual in the United States and to fight for LGBT rights, which was in charge of showing the world that regardless of a person's sexual preference can be successful and lead a normal life like any person. For you to determine a person as mentally ill, there must be a clinical deficit in their social area, personal and work care. Taking this into account, history and science have shown that sexual orientation apart from not being able to be changed, is not an impediment to grow and live as a normal human being.

The struggle for rights will continue until the world can understand respect for the lives of others. And not only in LGBT issues, but also in issues of racism, machismo, and everything that violates the rights of any human being. Maybe you do not belong to any of these groups but keep in mind that you do not need to be a woman to defend women's rights. Only enough to be human and have awareness and empathy for who is discriminated.

Bar Stanwall In, 1969. Bar that received LGBT people and that this and many were constantly under police harassment. This is where it all began. In the early morning of June 28 there was a police raid, where those present were reluctant to cooperate, initiating a protest that lasted several days and was adding more people to the cause. The following year the first gay march took place in the United States, and later in other countries.


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