Hard directional Light! Some PRO TIPS!

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Making a pure black background with a subject in the foreground can be a bit of a challenge!

I can help you achieve a similar look to what I have in my photos here. With these simple and easy steps.

These steps assume you have a DSLR camera and relatively slow lens. (speed of lens means F-Stop. the lower the number the "faster" the lens, and the higher the number the "slower" If anyone wants a more indepth one lenses let me know and I will make another post about it. :)

Set your camera to a High F stop 22 or higher is ideal.

Here is what my camera is set to for this picture:

camera settings.JPG

I have the F stop set to 22. I have a strobe angled slightly away from the subject.

Getting the angel of the strobe was the most challenging part. here is a less than desirable shot:


Just play with the angle of the strobe and F-stop and you too can achieve this defined portrait look!

Just so you know...

I was shooting her in front of this paper flower wall:


So even with a light colored background, this look can be achieved.

Thank you for reading!

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Practical photog advice. I like it.