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Success is what everyone is working for so that we can all be very rich and successful. When you do a particular thing and the outcome is the expected, the main purpose or what you have wished for as the case may be there is always a glory attack to it.

When you do anything no matter the outcome try to figure out the glory. I believe there is always a glory in everything we do for the fact that nature is concerned and can not be cheated. What am I saying in essence is that what Mr. A dislike could be Mr. B favorite so even when you are not happy with what you have done the glory you will receive will always boost your confidence and courage to do more.
Glory is said to be

great admiration,honor and praise that you earn by achieving something.

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I believe everyone believes on one supreme being or the other.
Have you wondered why even those whom you think they are incomplete may don't have an eye from birth or crippled or mad person and they will still reproduce their kinds, why they still give thanks and glory to the Supreme being.
OK in a country some people will be against the rulership of the president and they will criticise him with evidence and facts while some will tag the same president as the best...

You don't just have to rush into conclusions wait there is always a glory.