Visiting the soon-to-be-gone glacier

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The Mer de Glace is slowly melting away. Make sure to visit it before it's finally gone. In the ice you can feel rocks from before the last ice age, and touch compacted snow which is almost as old as the Dinos.
Perfect way to spend a sunny summer day, while acknoledging climate change ( all the previous glacier levels are marked on the walls and documented with old pictures, essentially making the descent to it a veritable trip through time)

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Have been there too like a few years ago. A very nice place :)

Didn't get the notification in time on Steepshot
It is so sad to see that the melting is counted in tens of meters in height per year.

Yep. The fate of it seems to be sealed... :(

Oh! Lucky you! I'm jealous :)

I lived quite close to it during almost 2 years. It helps ;)