How one's interest toward science and education can make him get richer, faster!

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It always seems that the rich are getting richer, especially to the people not being rich. The inner workings of it seem hard to grasp and most of them are attributed to better privileges when viewed from outside, the people getting rich invoking the fact that they worked hard for their success.

But how can we get a little rich, fast? So that we can get richer? What if the solution is a simple recipe of success and of education and strictness. What if this is something nobody taught you in school but some people with a more inquisitive nature got it innately or were transmitted this information by their parents? Or just had a Eureka! moment?

What is the biggest hurdle in getting richer? It seems it's education

We know that education, when done right, helps shape our minds to cope with decision making and teaches us the concept of nuance and the notions of good and bad. But when done wrong or superficially, or not done at all, the science of making decisions fails to deliver. Making bad decisions will affect our life, from seemingly small decisions in early school, like daydreaming or focusing to the immediate problems we have, instead of paying attention at school and then in our early teens, the choice of friends, the choice of majors, the choices that will shape our futures in the years to come.
Having to struggle at home adds to these problems, hard to study when you are hungry or when parents are in despair over making ends meet.
This gives us a higher rate of school abandonment, either physical or just mental. This is why we find numerous people who actually have their education on paper but can't make informed decisions.

Making poor decisions affects the income

I am not talking about the obvious lack of prospect of employment or the fact that being in jail is not contributing to your wellness, but to the fact that an uninformed person will waste more money than an informed one. Not knowing what to spend money on, not knowing if a product or service is really worth its money and living with a psychological inferiority complex are just some of the dramas I have encountered when I am trying to get people to the floating line of life.

Most of the times I find out that the people on the brink of bankruptcy own more things and more expensive things that I do. Even more troubling is their belief that there are no other choices or that it is a small pleasure in an otherwise limited life.

Aversion to science leads to money loss

In high-school, children are "split" based on their preferences: realist studies and humanist ones. Because the school curriculum is ample and diverse, you can't get a good grasp in all the fields. So the psychological choice for many of the students is to "discard" some fields by making a choice.

This doesn't mean however than humanist people have less money, each individual copes differently with decisions and education but what I am trying to say is that this is the point when some of the students turn their backs to science and technology. This is when they unknowingly decide that they will pay others to take the decisions for them from that point onward. And that they will be unable to evaluate the quality of work done by the ones they pay. Don't do this.

Not knowing how things work leads to uninformed choices and useless spending

One of the most common cases in the less developed countries is the choice of technology. Falsely using the mentality of "I am too poor to buy cheap things", everyone seems to have the latest model of the most popular phone. Which most of the time is not needed, since literally nobody needs their phone to keep 1400+ tabs open in the RAM at the same time while it encrypts everything over a VPN.

There are other products out there targeted specifically for their needs, be it cars, phones, laptops, clothing or beauty, and they should be used accordingly. Entry level products are usually incidentally created by non-brands which have a lower profit margin and they usually sell their products in a loss just to create a user base But the user needs to be able to discern and at least be aware of the difference between products. Buying products from only the big brands puts the small brands out of business and gives market control and dominance to the big brands. Which will raise the price of the products when there is no alternative. This is bad for small users and entry level markets and ultimately for people having less money.

Postponed small decisions can drastically increment

Not being able to decide at a given time will come back and haunt us at a different time. Not having the dentist take a look at that filling will transform into a very expensive implant or even lead to a costly infection. Not changing that rubber tube in your car's engine will lead to piston melting which will make the car unusable.

Enough about reducing costs, bring that income!

An educated person with a little scientific basis can basically be employed in unlimited positions. Most of the big companies train people at the workplace, there is a HUGE underemployment crisis in all the world, especially Europe and the US.

Conclusion: Never ever take science or education lightly

Education is ongoing, it's what creates and differentiates wise old people from grumpy old people :)
It is the approach that matters, and the results will follow suit. Don't be afraid to use the tools at your disposal to be better informed, to call out phonies and to finally document and inform yourself, using the scientific method. It's a myth that we only use 10% or 30% of the brain, we have storage space in our tiny brain things for everything we want to learn, provided we sleep and eat right.

If our civilization is wiped out and everything written is lost and we have to start again from cavemen, only one thing will be rewritten just as it is now: the science!

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Brilliant, sharing this to all my social media

Thanks a lot! It means a lot to me to get feedback as I don't know if people are actually reading anything I write or if anything I write is actually good and of interest. Thanks again!

True!! The more knowledge we get, increases the power we wield, even with the few resources we may paossess. We learn everyday, some unknown to them and others with the desire. It'd surely would be really great if we all desire more knowledge. There is surely more than enough storage space in our brain.

This is a hard thing to master, but having more people to want knowledge and be open to it could open up a new market of decentralized education. People would be able to learn practical things here and could be rewarded for doing so. Education doesn't have to be like it was 300 years ago, based only on a single source or self trials and errors. I am hoping for a better future.

The anticipation goes on with great hardworking.

Yes, it is true that more we fill our mind with great information, more we are going to get its rewards. There are mainly two types of people in the world, one who knows his talent and other who still has to find it.

The only education let us know about our interests and talent. Moreover, to find success in that talent, we need education of that field. Without education, we cannot achieve much in our life.

Thanks for sharing such a great post...

Thanks for the comment, I see you are already integrating here by commenting and engaging with other authors. This is a very good way to promote yourself as people want to have smart people in their lists. After all this can be an incubator for good and innovative ideas and we are the promoters of such concepts for now :)
We are the early adopters, but there will be others, soon!

Yes it is true, building friends on steemit is very necessary. It not also let you to grow but also make us more educaTed..

Interesting. You can get richer quicker if you have interest in STEAM as well. Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math. #resteem

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Pretty hard to make it in Arts. If you are talented maybe, but if you are only a beginner, you will have to work real hard and real long until you can make it. I would avoid Arts for the time being.

All of the fields are tough to make it in. As it relates to the Arts (music, dance, drama, folk art, creative writing, architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, graphic and craft arts, industrial design, costume and fashion design, motion pictures, television, radio, film, video, and sound tech), I would shy away. However, I would probably group it with another skill that could support me while I gained experience in this area. SCAD ( is an outstanding school in the US that has produced some amazing individuals. Beginner and talented rule applies to all endeavors. Beginner scientists often become middle school teachers because they are that talented.

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The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. What's the difference between them?? The rich probably have a lot to spare and risk over some ideas they have but the poor can't afford to lose the little they have considering how much it would do if it was with them....

As regards education, what does it do?? Technically, education helps us refine and develop what we have inside of us, it does not put it there. It boosts our thinking, reason-ability, idea creation, it sharpens our mind and brain not that it gives them to us...

Nice work, @alexdory.

As we are transiting from an industrial era to a knowledge era, most of the wealth creations rely on the imagination. Nowadays the jobs require more intellect and less labour or materials.