Congrats to my Folks - 50 Years of Marriage and Counting!

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Hey fellow Steemians!

I apologize for being a bit "out of touch" the past few months, but I can say that my absence is well-justified. On one hand, I've been working on multiple projects that I believe will be of great value to the STEEM ecosystem, all seeking to bring all the various graphene-related chains a bit closer together. On the other, Michelle and I have recently discovered that mother and father's day will be taking on a "new meaning" for us as well! 😲

For those of you hanging around the STEEM-related discord chatrooms, you may have already heard a bit about what I've been working on "through the grapevine". One site will enable you to create cross-chain Patreon-style campaigns for your projects, and the other will empower you to easily create "social campaigns", as well as issue token-based gifts and micro-tasks.

The sites are already functional, though they are still in the process of being further "beautified". They've also been successfully tested to work with the STEEM, Golos, BitShares, EOS, SMOKE, and WhaleShares blockchains!

More on all of this in upcoming posts...

For now, I'd like to take a moment to share with you all the celebration of my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary! 😮

After months of working incessantly to complete these projects, intermingled with plans for some serious lifestyle changes to come, we welcomed the opportunity to head out to my family's CT home and help them celebrate their 50 year anniversary, not an easy feat to achieve by any measure.

In a world where three months might be considered a "long-term commitment", and marriage often seems to be little more than a road-bump for those needing an "official incentive" to "stick together", what must it take for two people to find the wherewithall and commitment it must take to maintain a relationship with the same person for over half a century?!

Most people enter relationships when "times are good", the love, happiness, and "tingly feelings" abound. As soon as times get tough, the veil quickly melts away, and the relationship fizzles almost as quickly as it began. While attraction is certainly very important, looks fade over time, so the "attraction" also better be more than "skin deep".

Mom & Dad, minus 50 years

From my observations, I can say that it's not so much about the "good times", as it is about finding a "best friend". Someone who'll not only be there when times are tough, but who'll also make the road that much easier to bear, as in "you and me against the world". Together as a team, you each bring your complementary strengths to the table, and you prevail... "United we conquer, divided we fall".

There will always be tough times. There will always be mistakes. It's how you handle those stretches, together, that make all the difference. And it only makes the victories and good times that much sweeter, that much more meaningful.

Perhaps that's the best way to describe my parents. As with all relationships, there are good times and bad. Yet, they choose to prevail, together. It's not always smooth, it's not always "nice", but at the end of the day, I truly believe they have a deep love and respect for one another and the respective "strengths" they each bring to the table. And if that's not testament enough, one need only observe the life they built for themselves, together, as a team. It's as impressive as it is formidable.

Mom & Dad, 50 years Later

Ironically, taking this "short" trip came fraught with its own little "trials and tribulations" (granted, extremely minor in the grand scheme of things). On the way up, we hit what can perhaps be best described as a mini Tempest, with rain so hard, and fog so thick, we felt it best to pull over and wait it out. Then within a few hours of arriving, I began receiving alerts that several of my servers were unreachable. Practically no problems for months, yet the day I leave, BAM... Murphy's Law strikes again... lol

As such, we had to cut short our "getaway". For those of you wondering what happened to WhaleBoT this past weekend, it turns out one of my network switches also decided to "take a break" that same evening! Go figure, all in one shot, one of my greatest "travel fears" validated. lol

But at the end of the day, we still had a great time, and despite any problems that arose, my little world didn't come crashing to an end. Well, not after I find a new job at least... 😮 (joking!) WhaleBoT was also thrilled to learn how many people value his presence in the discord community as well. As they say, "absence makes the heart grow fonder".

We also had a chance to catch some great early July 4th fireworks over the lake from our boat, and I'm happy to have the privilege of sharing with you all... the "grand finale"! 😁

Wishing you all a Happy July 4th Holiday!

As always, I appreciate your upvote, your follow and all your comments!


Alex, Thank you for your loving post. We admire your ability to capture the experiences we shared, and are so proud to have you as a son. Your wise words and astute perspectives are spot on. As you and Michelle are soon to launch a little voyage of your own. we wish you the happiness and smooth sailing that you both deserve.
Mom & Dad

thank you both for your kind and loving words, for all you do, and for the terrific example you set.

I'm thrilled to have been able to capture, if only a touch, the "the essence" of a lifetime of experiences you've both shared, and I am also grateful to have been along for the ride, learning all I can along the way... 😊

Glad to see you back. Fifty is quite a milestone, my parents and in-laws hit it a "few" years ago. Unfortunately I see it coming less and less as time goes on. At some point with the current generation it will be unheard of.

You can always count on Murphy's law. On the bright side there was nothing major that couldn't be easily restored. My uncle went on a trip and returned to find a hose on their wash machine had burst and flooded their house. Although insurance covered it, they spent close to 6 months in a hotel while the house was repaired (long bad contractor(s) story in there).
Glad you where able to put all your hard work aside for a bit to start a family 😜 Congratulations to you and Michelle it will be awesome for you guys. I know you will be great.

Thanks for all the kind words @bushkill, and you're right... definitely nothing major this time around. We have, however, dealt with similar things in the past as what happened with your uncle (from blocked water pipes, to a frozen pipe that burst).

"Luckily" for us, the damage was contained early enough that it didn't cause nearly as much damage as it sounds like your uncle went through. Also probably helped that there are pumps on standby in the basement to help deal with just such occurrences.

Regarding my "new role", let's just say that it wasn't really planned (though perhaps it was subconsciously, as we're all getting a bit "up there" age-wise)... lol

I'm still rather terrified about the whole thing. I dunno about being "great", but I'll certainly give it my best! :)

Wait a minute! Did you just hint that a little P.Mo is on the way??? 😮

I'll never tell... 🤐except to say that might just be a little P.Mo-rella to you there good sir, @steempowerpics! 😲

Super exciting!!! Congrats!

Awwww love enduring is the most romantic kind of love... The picture of your parents before and after, oh, they're faces have not changed much...
I agree that a partner should be your friend... somehow enduring love requires teamwork. :)
All the best to you too
I missed it, you had been quiet for a while and I don't use notifications but go manually :) just happened to check, I'm kind of looking for a less than seven days comment to upvote with my super minnow upvote hahaha XD

hey Priscilla, thanks for the kind words, and for "stopping by"!

as for teamwork and friendship, well, you and Hector certainly seem to be well on your way as well! :)

and here ya go, a nice "fresh" comment for you to upvote as well! :D

Oh my god I was about to tell you, here my two cents but they were four haha wee! like :) I know it's symbolic but thanks for the gesture hahah :) and for the kind wishes :). Off to bed now... tomorrow is Nature day :)

Those years go by in a blink of an eye... that's why we should celebrate everyday ; )

very true, especially when I'm surrounded by such lovely peeps to celebrate with! 😘

I really glad you back. That's really weird, I have been trying to remember your account since three days ago. I only remembered "Alex" but forgot "pmorris", I am going to search your account through my following list but I known that I ever mentioned your account on one of my post then you're come up. Wow... The santa Claus is coming! It's like a present to know you're come up.
About your parents, I give two thumbs up for them. It's really rare now and hard to maintain relationship in marriage and I look there is a true love on your parents marriage and relationship. We can see from their eyes and smile, they love each other. Nice ! :)

thanks @happyphoenix for the comment, as well as for your kind words. definitely not easy to maintain a solid relationship for so long, especially these days.

I'm also glad that I was able to "pop" by just in time to catch your shout out! 😄

50 years is very impressive! I wish your parents well and may there be many more years coming!

thanks for the kind wishes @futurethinker! :)

Oh! It is is really nice to see your around once more. This is the first time I'm reading about cross-chain it is waoo and good luck on the project.
Happy Married life to Mum and Dad, may them witness many more years in good health and weath, they have given birth to awesome son already!.
Thanks, we miss you here!

thanks for the kind words and good wishes @horpey!

OMG! Mom is a hottie! She is rocking the pixie cut so well. Dad looks great as well. 😊

Happy 4th of July!!!

thanks for the kind words @chiama! :)

Old but looking good both of you

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Wow. Congratulations dear. I pray you both live longer.

Hi man how are you? I made this portrait for you, i wish you can give it a look :)

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Love is sweet... Congratulations. 50 years is not easy at all

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