Tree-Top Views of the NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons (2018)

in #life4 years ago

Well, yet another Thanksgiving come and gone. This year I once again managed to get myself up early enough to capture a few highlights of the NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons, some of which are inflated on our very city block.

Ordinarily, some of you may think that's pretty cool. Way back then, I would very much have agreed with you. Imagine that there was once even a time when you could just walk right up to your favorite Sesame Street characters and give them a smile and a huge and tell them how kewl it was to meet them in person! 😎

You'll now notice from the photos that those streets are now all closed off by barricades, right to Central Park. The cops tend to treat everyone with disdain, and after multiple nasty encounters over recent years, we prefer completely avoiding street-side 'til the whole "shindig" is over.

While it was pretty darn cold, it did turn out to be a beautiful day for the parade, albeit a tad bit windy for the NutCracker, as you can see for yourself in the following video... lol

what a swinga that NutCracka... giggity giggity giggity!

Despite worries that the higher winds could be a problem, this year overall went pretty smoothly. If you're interested in learning of some past doozies, check out "Top 10 Balloon Mishaps at Macy’s NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade".

Here we've got the last few balloons to make their way into the parade: the Grinch, a few stars, and the astronaut who seems to have found a warm hiding place somewhere up the Grinch's butt... 😮 😆

So, that's about it for this Thanksgiving! However you all decided to spend the past few days, I hope you all had a chance to kick back a bit, relax, and have a grand 'ole bit of "fun and good times"!

As always, I appreciate your upvote, your follow and all your comments!


Awesome parade, we don't have giant balloon parades here in SF, at least to my knowledge.

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@alexpmorris, I had no idea that there are actual parades on thanksgiving. Not being from the US I have never lived in a country where this is celebrated, so I have my own version: every day for me is "thanksgiving".

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