Fantasy world?, not bipolarity

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The life and feelings of the human being are as changeable as the adventures lived in each second, sometimes we respond to situations with changing behaviors, everything depends on how much the situation has influenced our lives. But it is possible that this versatile behavior is subject to changes in our brain chemistry or simply to experiences.

Personally, I believe that every human being reacts to life according to everything that has happened in his past, however there are behaviors that must be observed, because they can be caused by a disease called bipolarity. Bipolarity can in circumstances be overlooked in the person who suffers it, since, it can be considered that they are simply moods for the social environment in which the individual develops. But it is necessary to recognize that it is a disease of maximum care and attention, because the person who suffers can go from extreme happiness to depression in just a second, this is the result of a bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder are constant fluctuations of mood swings, ie they are variations where if we observe it as graphics, we would appreciate a peak where the person is in the frenzy of happiness and instantly falls into an inexplicable sadness. That is, if we take it to the world of numbers we would understand that they range from 10 to 1 in a really surprising way. These are episodes called manic-depressive; these "ups and downs" in people with bipolarity are not equal to the "ups and downs" that people usually present for any situation, for example it is normal for women in particular to present changes of mood due to hormonal changes, but in people with bipolarity This change of mood can be witnessed from the beginning of the day and without apparent reason, as can also be seen product of depression, in which, it is of great concern because they can threaten your life.

Bipolarity is a disease that occurs at any age, hence the importance of being attentive to the "ups and downs" of our family or friends. This disorder is controlled with prescribed medication that regulates mood swings. It is important to note that bipolarity causes physical and mental exhaustion in the people who suffer from it, as well as their family members.


How is bipolarity recognized?

The "animistic events" are accompanied by certain symptoms such as feeling very animated, feeling nervous, lack of sleep or sleeping a lot in a few days, performing risky and unusual activities for their personality, forgetting things frequently or feeling that their Thoughts are faster than customs. In other words, to have very different behaviors with extreme. Likewise, they can feel themselves in a world of fantasy, where they cannot differentiate the real from the unreal; These behaviors may be accompanied by the consumption of drugs and alcohol.

It is vitally important that if you have among our acquaintances someone who has the symptoms or constant changes of mind be accompanied at all times and advise the visit to a specialist doctor, since, this disease can exist for years without recognizing it and much least be treated. Immediate help is needed through medications, therapies and support from family members.

Now, the cause of bipolarity is related to cerebral mechanical faults that regulate moods. However, it is presumed that this disease is related to genetic predisposition, however this is not proven we can only say that if there was among family members who have this disorder is more predisposed to suffer than another person.

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