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There are situations of our personal, social and work environment that cause us tensions and annoyance, arriving to feel that we are about to fall into an endless abyss from which we can never leave; and if we add to all this the need to hide because it is perceived that it will end the life we ​​have ... do not worry you are having an anxiety attack.

Anxiety is a moment of crisis in which we generate some concern and insecurity. We can present an anxiety for adaptation to a social environment (considering a normal point, since it is a product of human development and its evolution), as well as if it becomes frequent it becomes pathological (And this is where we should be alerts); When you have an intense, persistent and excessive concern for the changes that arise around us or for common moments of life, to a point of feeling a fear we must be alert. Because, this can end our personal and social life, taking us to a point where we prefer to be ostriches, always burying our heads to forget about the outside world.

The symptoms of anxiety vary depending on the type you suffer for example if you have a crisis by adaptation we get to feel fear, agitation, nervousness, rapid breathing, sweating, tremor, trouble concentrating, panic. On the contrary, if the anxiety is pathological we get to feel these symptoms more frequently, accompanied by problems to sleep, gastrointestinal problems, in addition to an excessive worry that is had by any situation.

We must keep in mind that anxiety can present to you at all ages and that this can be caused by extreme situations such as natural disasters, kidnappings, child abuse, harassment or even a serious accident. It is common to observe these situations in people who have suffered separation (both in adults and children); In the case of infants, anxiety may arise due to new experiences, causing these "mental" crises to continue, interrupting their social development, leading to school failure.

What to do when symptoms of anxiety occur?

In the first instance, we must recognize why anxiety has come into our lives, since this will allow us to find the best solution for the situation that arises. Then avoid situations with stress, because this is one of the main causes (treated as a pump for each one), similarly try as much as possible to relax so that the symptoms get away, try to distract yourself from what is causing anxiety , breathe calmly.

Can we prevent anxiety?

Anxiety can be prevented by having a relaxed, healthy life. It is of great importance to practice outdoor exercise to clear the mind. Also, if you practice yoga it is of great advantage for you. Take care of your mental life participate in activities that keep your mind distracted, causing joy in you; If you get to frequently present some of these symptoms more frequently you should visit a specialist, since anxiety can lead to depression.

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