Aren't you afraid?

in #lifelast year


The photo was taken a moment ago, on my terrace.

I wrote about this wasp nest on July 1st in a post called "On Hearsay & Prejudice". Now, more than a month later, I can only confirm my previous thoughts. These beautiful creatures haven't been bothering me, or anyone else here, not even once, and they are right next to us all the time.

Years ago, when I decided to move away from the crowds, and into nature, I was asked "But aren't you afraid?"
"Afraid of what?"
"Of nature!"

I was so confused, all I had was questions.
Have you forgotten your own nature?
Would you say you are in tune with that?
What exactly is there to be scared of?
How do you feel about the concept of facing your murky, unsubstantiated fears?

Anyway, I still love having the wasps around.