Cloudy Day Dinner

in #life3 months ago

I know I shouldn't complain. I live in So Cal and in no way does it get as cold as other parts of the country but when our heater automatically clicks on I know my favorite time of the year is upon us and that means comfort foods!
Fried chicken and cornbread it is!
I like to marinade my chicken for a couple of hours and then fry it in my cast iron skillet with some unsalted butter and safflower oil. No breading just naked as God intended lol.
For my cornbread I always stir in a little bit of honey, a can of creamed corn and shredded cheddar to the mix.

Super delicious!Served it up with a little buffalo sauce I doctor up with butter, garlic salt and lots of love! We sometimes like our mashed potatoes chunky so I didn't add too much heavy cream when I was mashing them. Sometimes the simplest of dinners are the best, specially when shared with family. How is the cool weather treating you?
May your home be filled with warmth, your pantry full and may you always have good health!
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