Breaking Through, Like for Real

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I thought I knew what mushrooms where all about but last night taught me that I had only understood a hint of their power. This is all still fresh in my mind and I have not begun process the experience but I want to write some of this down before the memory fades any further.

My scale broke but I thought I was pretty good at eyeballing mushrooms so I ground what I assumed to be about five grams (I think it was maybe eight or nine, now; I started with fourteen and I have a good moderate trip left). Needless to say, I fucked up but in the best possible way.

I brewed the tea twice. The first extraction was almost black after steeping the mushrooms in very hot water for twenty minute. The second preparation was more of a light gold. I combined the two and it added up to about half a cup of liquid which I mixed with a cup and a half of grape juice along with a splash of lemon juice. I let it sit about ten minutes while I smoked a cigarette, ate three weed cookies, and devoured a small whole mushroom from my bag. Finally, I drank my brew while smoking a bowl of subliminator.

I barely had time to finish the weed before I realized the extent of what I had done. It had been fifteen minutes or less since I finished the tea and the entire room was warping in on itself in a thousand different places, making it ripple like living liquid. At that point, I felt like I was tripping as hard as I had ever tripped before and it was only just beginning. Oh fuck, I thought. This was the big one. I quickly set YouTube to auto play music starting with some random eastern European folk music that I stumbled on the other day, gathered up my prerolled joint, cigarettes, remote, phone, and water, set them on the coffee table. I fell onto my couch and out of my body.


I am not using a metaphor here, by the way; I was literally out of my body. I was not me. I was not human. Time did not matter. I blasted through a barrier and deep into another universe that was absolutely inhabited by aliens or gods and filled with ancient temples and cosmic machines. It is a struggle to remember most of it. This phase the trip lasted two hours, maybe (in real time, that is) .

It began with me flying past the temple walls. It looked like the brightly painted façade of a Mesoamerican pyramid but living. I flew past them and then into another void where brightly colored strands of energy that were covered in strange runic writing swirled around. The messages had meaning but I did not know what it was. I was thrust into a mechanical tunnel. There were red and blue lights on the walls and I tumbled through it.

The tunnel deposited me in a kind of peaceful underworld. It was like a rainbow cave with faces connecting the walls and ceilings.

I emerged from that place and was in another realm of gold, and jewels, and machines, and life. This place was vaguely Egyptian in its style and the little shimmering machine creatures hurried about.

Finally, I found myself in the hall of some strange god. I want to stop here to say that this felt one hundred percent real in that moment but I digress. It was sitting in a red space and seemed to be made of 3d mosaic tiles that were cream colored, blue, and green, its body was square, and it had tentacles that it used to manipulate orbs of energy. At the center of its body, was a bright blue eye. it looked like the sky and its center looked like a golden sun. It noticed me and it noticed me noticing it. It thrust me out of its presence and in the direction of a swirling machine with lights on it and a star in the middle. The next thing I remember is opening my eyes, back in my body, tripping fucking hard and I heard a garbled voice (the god, maybe).


"Eat more mushrooms to try and better facilitate this communication and so that you may remember what you saw." I did as I was asked, and spent the next six hours, still tripping, trying to process what had happened.

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