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RE: My Daughter’s Neck

in #life3 months ago

@distantsignal mate, this is heavy. That doctor sounds like they have no tact in delivering a potential news. Can’t believe they mentioned the C word at such an early stage of looking at it.
Sure they have no idea at this stage?

It’s scary isn’t it? Kids in hospitals is the most torturous thing.
Stay calm, don’t expect the worst and give extra big cuddles for her bravery.

Wishing you safe and happier times ahead my friend for your family X


Yeah. It was a big fumble on her part for sure. It was definitely terrible. Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it. She’s getting as many ice pops as she wants these days.

Just in case your were wondering, the lump has disappeared using antibiotics. It was a bacterial infection after all!

Oh man, such a relief!!
Glad things have worked out without further complication for your family X