Finally arrived in Germany for my Masters degree on Sustainable Development Management

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After a long travel from Dhaka to Dusseldrof, I safely arrived at krefeld yesterday. Today I visited my university to complete my enrolment for master's degree at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Science, Kleve Germnay.


It is a lovely and beautiful campus and the weather is very nice. I loved my university campus.



I have met some amazing brothers who received me and helping me for the last two days.


I was with them last night at a Turkish restaurant and will be with them as a guest for the next few days. Hope will find my hostel soon and will move there.

Thanks a lot for all who wished me and helping me to make my journey successful.


You are at a nice place and its good to see you have made some friends already. Best wishes with your studies. I know you will do well at the university. You are a hard working man and you accomplish what you set out to do. I have seen that already, many times.

Congratulations on this big move, and good luck with your studies.

Thank you very much. @pennsif

All the very best for the upcoming days bro !!
May your wish be fulfilled : )

Thank you very much bro

Nice looking gentlemen

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Thanks vai

Hey bro keep sharing you stories of Germany.
I would love to read them. May Allah help you in your journey.

Good luck bro! Keep your head high!

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