A unique crown

in #life6 years ago

Bougainvillea is the scientific name of Paper flower, a popular ornamental plant in Aceh. Small tree shape, spiked on the top of the petiole. Its beauty comes from its brightly colored petals and attracts attention as it thrives. If we notice the texture of Bougainvillea is very much like a paper-like form.
But that gives a unique form of this flower that is on the stalk of sari that can bloom perfectly as new flowers in it.


Bougainvillea has a colorful plant part like orange, bright red, pink, pale red, yellow, purple, white, and various blend colors. Therefore, bougainvillea plant into an ornamental plant that is very easy to find from house to house, what else how to care for the easy.

This flower image was taken using Samsung J1-Ace samrtphone camera and added a macro lens so that the little flower stalk image is clear and nice, this flower I took in my yard located in Lhokseumawe city, Aceh.