My Birthday for a Cause

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Birthdays are days to celebrate life and all the love that surrounds us. God gave us the gift of life, it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.


Every year, I find myself more comfortable and in love with what I’ve added to my life in terms of growth and wisdom. I am coming into a beautiful state of grace and peace. I enjoy what each year brings, what it uncovers and what life surrounds me with.


As I am reminded of my time passing, I am inspired to focus on what really matters to me and how to bring more of that into my life. With food in my kitchen, clean water in my cup, roof over my head, clothes on my body and a family who supports me, I’ve learned to be content in whatever situation I’m in. Nevertheless, I want to influence people to assimilate the value of birthdays as a celebration of life and not merely a chance to be the center of attraction and receive a lot of gifts.


Birthdays are good, but you know what’s even better? Using your birthday to execute a special act of virtuousness. It is facile enough to say you are thankful, but it is far better to show it by doing a kind deed. Not because someone is forcing you or someone suggests it; but simply because your inner goodness, wants to express its gratitude for being born and alive.


This is a great time of the year to introduce a sweet Christmas tradition that involves giving to those less fortunate, making it a fun part of the build up to Christmas. While many of us awaken on Christmas morning to a warm home filled with laughter and excitement, many others wake up to yet another day of trying to find food or shelter from the cold.


Commemorations are gratifying when shared. For this year’s birthday, my birthday mission is to buy new toys, wrap them, and distribute as Christmas gifts to less fortunate children in the community. My primary goal is to deliver a message of hope to the youths that will assist them in becoming responsible, productive and patriotic citizens.


I view my birthday as a chance to not only celebrate my own existence, but to ensure that others who are struggling will find the hope and help they deserve. I don’t know about them, but I don’t want to look at any child waking up on Christmas morning without a present. No child should be forgotten at Christmas! I surmise that the key to a happy birthday, is a life well lived that is worth the celebration.


in lives choices are always there, there is no way a choice we ever be just one alone. Until we start seeing the worth of value which we carry then what we should be able to attain may just exist in our mind alone.

We do need the self belief, to add meaning to our existence. We are what we make ourself become.
Thank you for this.

And for your recovery process, you have not slacked a bit, your choices of colourful place as this is tantamount, its reminds me that life is once and ought to be lived without fears.

You spread motivate words even when you do need motivation, this is peculiar to the selflessness exhibited by Jesus.
We are all lucky to have such an examplary one as you

The line that really catch my attention

I view my birthday as a chance to not only celebrate my own existence, but to ensure that others who are struggling will find the hope and help they deserve.

My Reaction

I am so amaze with your kindness and selfless help to other children in our community and at the same time within my heart I am so happy that someone like you, in this world we live in, have the courage and inspired to help those who are in need. You are truly a good person in making those things and what amaze me most is that instead you are busy in celebrating your birthday but then again you make that day to other people or children to have their early Christmas gifts to be received.

I am so inspired by your story in life and how you do things good and I am so fortunate to read your post today.


Hi Jade! Thanks a lot for all the heartening words you have given me on my birthday! You contributed so much in making my birthday extremely memorable! ☺️❣️

I'm so glad to know that. All I wish is that I hope you will constantly post here in steemit. I really love the way you play your words and the photographs also so nice. Although it spents a lot of my limited mobile data to peek all those pictures but I guess it is worthy to peek it all . :)

Wish you blessed, prosperous birthday @belvaj
It's really amazing and fascinating seeing you doing great humanitarian feat on your birthday.
It's even more awesome having to share almost same birthdate with you.
I am Dec. 19

Wow! Happy birthday to us, mate! May joy come to you in a heap! Continue to make exploits and shine brighter than the sun! 😉❣️

pasko na! :) i like ur big stocking!

Hi Chinito! Gusto mo sa'yo nalang? Happy holidays! 😁

sorry, only conti tagalog.. are u asking if i want u to sing that song to me?? YES PLS!! :P

Happy Belated Birthday!