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Principle:  You cannot build your happiness on someone else's unhappiness.

....original photography and editing by bleujay.

'Happinesses to You'

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Principles are presented here for our ponderance.  They are timeless truths that bear repeating again and again.  

Some synonyms would be concepts, precepts, axioms, and proverbs. 

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Really true principle.. Making someone unhappy won't automatically give you the chance to be happy.. Happiness comes from within and everyone else has a part to play in it. Some days our happiness can be affected by the words of other people, we now live in a world where people don't mind the impact of their words on other people..they just say it because they know it will make you unhappy.... But at the end of the day, it's still in your hands either to unhappy because of their words... Or to be happy because you know it makes you feel good.
I'd rather choose to be happy!
Thanks for this post @bleujay! Good to read another article from you. Keep steeming!

Greetings @victordaniels,

Hope you are well.

Appreciate hearing your thoughts expressed regarding the principle.....all so true!

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That’s right! I absolutely agree! Great principle!

These are very beautiful flowers with lovely colors. The monochrome photo is also excellent. Great shot!

Many thanks for sending this “happiness” to us…. I feel very happy to see them indeed.

Wishing you and yours all the best! ;)

Greetings @tangmo,

So lovely to see you.

Thank you for your kind complimentary comment. ^__^

Happy to hear you enjoyed the post's principle and photographs of the Hellebores.

Thank you for your kind wishes.

All the best to you and your family. ^__^


You are much welcome! It’s always my pleasure!

Thanks so much for your kind wishes. Wishing you and yours a beautiful day! ;)

I want to touch this flower. I do not know the name of this plant, but I see that it has great potential for macro photography. It looks great, both in color and black and white.

This principle is very acute for Ukraine, the presidential election took place yesterday, more precisely, the first round of elections. Until now, this principle did not work in Ukraine)) Let's hope that this principle will be able to arm the new president and his team. I do not know who it will be, but the principle is very true.

Greetings @barski,

What a real application of the Principle....we do not usually 'see' the we?,....except where one self is concerned and yet it is true for everyone.

Here's wishing you and your country all the best!

Indeed this fleur, the Eastern Hellebore is a delight to photograph and some very lovely photographs are out there in the Macro format.

Apologies for not getting back to you the other day with regard to your query regarding the technique used for the B&W narcissus. If you do not mind, I will answer it here......the original photo is taken to one of the filter apps to become B&W and then taken to a sketch app to be hand painted. Make sense?


Is it possible to rephrase this question? I understand it ambiguously :

What a real application of the Principle....we do not usually 'see' the we?,....except where one self is concerned and yet it is true for everyone.

Thanks for the clarification regarding narcissus.

So true... Karma doesn't sleep 😁. Very beautiful flowers by the way. How do you call them in your place?

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Greetings @olgy-art.

How very kind of you to drop by.

Oh yes.....God never thankful I am that is the case. ^__^ He is good to those who love Him.

Happy to hear you enjoyed the fleurs.....Eastern Hellebores....but mostly just 'Hellebores'. Thank you for inquiring. Do you have a name for them from where you live?

Wishing you all the best....hello to all....


I love flowers a lot 😍. Here we call them "moroznyk" (in Ukrainian). They are very tender and beautiful:). I saw yesterday in the forest little violet flowers. I love theirs smell. It reminds me my childhood 😊🤗

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Building one's happiness on the unhappiness of another, be it an individual or a collective shows weakness of spirit, no empathy for your fellow man and time wasted on building something that by it's very foundations can never achieve longevity, nor indeed does it deserve to. It is a model that has little to do with genuine happiness and I think has at least some of it's roots in matters such as self esteem, power and exploitation.

Sorry about that my friend that started to flow from my fingers before I even offered up greeting...

Hello you, of course I wish you and yours, the very, very best and hope that your weekend is wonderful, peaceful and filled with exactly that which you would want from it.

But some principles elicit a more instant response from me than others.

I come to check out the artwork but as a great ponderer of life, the principle adds a dynamic to your posts that I resonate with immensely. I sometimes worry question if I maybe come across a little forthright in my views, opinionated even, but then again we must always be true to ourselves and our convictions, right?

I have long since been interested in taking up photography exactly because of photos like these. I love the amazing definition of the serration of the leaves, the veins in the petals and the vibrant mechanics of the stamen that we are unable to appreciate in such close up definition, despite the amazing miracle that is our eyes.

However I feel that makes the process sound like a technical deconstruction of beauty, almost like trying t quantify unconditional love with a mathematical equation. I hope not though, not at all the intention.

Without such a work's ability to convey vibrancy, beauty and yes, I think it is fair to say joy, it would be more admiration than emotion it would inspire in others. I do enjoy the stylish impact (maybe the wrong word for what I am trying to convey) visage of the monochromatic images you create.

I can never quite bring myself to say "I love your art" to be fair that wouldn't really be me, now would it? I also hope that my explanation of what I see, feel, experience may give you some insight into what it provokes in others. I have long since suspected we are the not the best judge of how what we do affects others.

Take great care of you and yours @bleujay 🙂

Greetings @stevenwood,

So very kind of you to drop by and express your response to the principle and icing.

No worries....I am here for the principles.....the photographs are here to make them a bit more palatable and sometimes complement the principle...for example...these flowers, Hellebores, have a rather drooping even forlorn posture....which one may interpret as un-happy yet they are very real flowers just as people are very real souls/persons.

Your missives...if one may call them that..... are ever so interesting a ponderance which you have been kind enough to write about in the comment section.

Thank you for your words concerning the photographs......yes...I should be lovely....bring joy to one's person. And yes....Elegance and style would be ever present if bleujay can manage it as it is my person....expressed.

Appreciate the opportunity your comment provided to think on these things.

Think 'Salons of Paris from long ago....'.

Enjoyed the cuppa.


NB Here's hoping you will get behind a camera.....You might be surprised to see what happens. No matter how one may go about expressing one inner self whether it is through a camera, artistic endeavour or finds their sea legs as it were and finds it to be enjoyable. Principle; Practice is the master teacher.

Love this principle but that reminded me a series "Boston legal" where they had a case and when they build up a case on "Schadenfreude" which is very human feeling that is in every of us, but there are some who can control and other who can't.

The flowers photographs very well done, I love to see those little streams crossing the petals and building such beautiful network :)

Wish you and your family a nice weekend @bleujay!

Greetings @stef1,

Appreciate your lovely comment.....always happy to hear your thoughts expressed regarding the true.

Thank you for your kind comments concerning the photographs of the Hellebores.

Wishing you and yours a lovely week. ^__^


so beautiful flower friend.
a very wonderful photography @bleujay

but the good thing is - you can build your happiness ..
I've never used that verb for that
I love winter bells monami
that's one of those that were flowering during the cold days!

Hi ya mon ami,

Lovely to see you as always. ^__^

Yes.....happiness you carry with you.....not dependent on circumstances or people.

Winter Bells are fascinating.

Wishing you all the best.

A bientot! xox