Clot Shot Memes 💉

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I really feel sorry for people who felt forced into taking the clot shot and had bad side effects. It's hard to calculate how many people have heart inflammation and other issues. It is ridiculous that the US government was trying to push this on healthy kids 6 months and over. Unreal. And how many people who were 80+ years old died from it and they chalked it up as "old age"

It is unlikely anyone will be held accountable about anything. Kind of like George W Bush invading Iraq and then finding a grand total of ZERO weapons of mass destruction. Unreal.

I just feel for the mass majority of people the correct course of action was to exercise, be out in the sun, and eat fresh fruits and vegetables. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 I know, it's a revolutionary concept.

If you still think that the vaccine situation was all about public health then that would be pretty shocking but I know there are still a lot of people who just go with what they are told.










Rebloged! I love these memes!

What will be even worse about this scamdemic.

In the future, looking back, we will see a 5 year reduction in life expectancy that resulted from the fear the MSmockingbirdM put into people over this scamedemic.

All the stress and fear certainly broke people's immune system further.