A naturally black ocean

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It looks eerie, watching dark sultry waves in a usually striking blue ocean. The beaches of the south west coast of Australia are famous for their pristine condition, squeaky white sand and the turquoise water fading off into the deep royal blue of the southern ocean. 

Albany, a beautiful port city is nestled on the coast surrounded by bays, inlets and harbours. Occasionally the inlets breach their sandbar and stream into the ocean. The dark naturally stained tannin water flushes out into the ocean causes the water to turn from blue to black. 

The black water is natural and caused by the river running slow and deep through bush, swamps and wetlands. The tannins from the natural vegetation leaches into the water turning it a rich colour that looks like black coffee or tea. 

These photographs are taken at Two People Bay near Albany. I loved the moody black swelling ocean and the water colour certainly did stop kids from being kids. 

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xx Isabella


Superb. Gorgeous photos & Interesting and informative text. You have captured the clouds so beautifully. I love the grey colour palette of the ocean and sky. And the light glistening on the waves is pretty. Very lyrical photos :)
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Really night. had no idea about Tannin and this kind of water. Wish I could visit- much be pretty good for 4x4ing around there?

It attracts and repels at the same time. It's beauty and fear in one image. Exciting photos!

Such a wonderful series of photographs Isabella.

I stayed at Cottesloe beach a few years ago and the seaweed was similar. A wonderful subject to capture. Resteemed. 🦋

Hi @allyinspirit - West Australia beaches are in a league of beauty all of their own. Thank you for the re-steem.

They truly are Isabella. Hoping to visit Perth again in the next year or so. Would love to be there in the wildflower season especially. 🦋

I want to help. I have become very weak. Please help and thank you @bridgetbunchy