Salt air and dune plants

in #life7 years ago

Put on my Pattern Pirate glasses and come for a stroll with me on the south west remote coastline of Western Australia. 

I grew up on these shores and while the vast continent of Australia usually separates me from this place, the salt and smell of dune plants will always feel like home. It was a treat to have another peek the beaches of Albany and infuse it with my passion for textile pattern. 


Until next time, 

xx Isabella


Sup-up photography, keep it up!


Wow! This looks great! I really like the flowers on the last picture, but all of them look beautiful! :) good job!

Great pictures, I really like the overlays!

I believed that these are real drawings on the sand! You surprised me)

I had to look twice!! Was "wow!!" Hehe 😉

Awww... that's pretty! I actually thought the path in the first photo was patterned... Until I saw the next - the sea! Lol... Imagine if such existed... pretty cool... :)