Always Be The Person That You Would Love To Have As a Partner.....

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Dear Steemians, how are you?

I decided to write this blog continuing the prior story I titled "My first Big Mistake - Being Careful with Missteps, knowing your lack of experience" because I've received many messages from people are not happy regarding HF20, they believe the changes are not good, and their disappointment is getting some depressed and negative.

I'm not entirely sure if you are new to this blog, but to those who frequent this blog, they know the type of messages I try to convey with my publications.

In first place I want to make clear that my intentions are to build a community of positive minded people and sharing my journey can serve just as a source of inspiration for them, it can work as a way for people to reprogram their thinking and achieve their goals.

For those who have read just a few posts about my journey it might seem as if everything was easy, but the last one I shared, the one I'm including a link to here, you can see this was not the case.

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A very important message I've been trying to convey on my last five posts is that people should always be trying to support each other, but always by recognizing effort. When people take their time to leave a good comment for example. That is the spirit of network I keep on talking about, the community I'm always referring to, and you can see people who put in the work with 7,8,9 upvotes on their comments. I'm not saying for you to vote in any comment, not at all, those who are being lazy and leaving comments like: Amazing post, I love your post, etc, are not really putting in any work and they are not being honest.

I would like to ask those who leave the first comments to come back to this post later and take your time to read some of the feedback and input from other people. A lot of lessons and knowledge get shared in the comment section. In my last post for example there were a lot of people asking questions that were already answered by another steemian also in the comment section, so I ask: Take your time to read what other people are contributing, like I take my time to read your comments too.

Don't forget to follow @chbartist and resteem these posts if you like them. The content and conversations could be valuable to someone else, even if you don't know that person.

My last post on the HF20 made me realize that before I continue telling the story I should try to make some points clear so that my readers can understand some things. Many times things don't work out the way we want, but nonetheless there is path we must walk on.

I've had people tell me specially when I'm a bit blunt with my words that is easy for me to stay positive:

"CHB for you it's easy to talk like this, because you have done well and have success, etc" - but my answer is always the same "No my friend, I am who I am today because I always spoke like this"
What I'm trying to say is simple. We all require to reprogram our mind so that things start to work in our favor. The way we carry ourselves in our journey really depend 99% on our attitude towards the events, the way we think of them.

Imagine that you would come into these posts always seeing negative comments, depressive and pessimists ones, with no respect at all. I want to believe none of us want to have that anywhere near our lives.

img src

What am I trying to say:
"Always be the person that you would love to have as a partner"

You don't want a lazy partner, with a bad attitude, negative and pessimistic. So I recommend seriously that you look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself how you have been conducting yourself in this life. What choices have you made? Who are you relating to? How do you react to changes like this whole HF20 for example.

My dear Steemians all journeys are filled with challenges and uncomfortable things but we have to learn to deal with them. Along my life I met so many people that wanted immediate gratification, everything now, that wanted everything solved for them. I've always made myself disappear from those situations.

What I keep on insisting post after post is for people to take steps to the right direction and change the way they think in scarcity. Not to think of only themselves and recognize effort from others. You not only can upvote those who put work, but leaving comments to them in recognition of their work is just as good, and believe me it means a lot. It's a big leap in the mentality and it will open more doors for you.

When we switch that way of thinking and we begin to act different, not only do start to achieve our personal goals but we also begin to surround ourselves with good people.

I'll continue my personal story on the next and you will see how many thorns I had to deal with growing up, but like I said, if I share this story is so that others don't make the same mistakes I did.

I'll leave this post here for now wishing you all the best



Dear @chbartist sir!
Your thinking is absolutely positive. Instead of up voting ourselves,support and upvote the comments made by others, increase their morale, even though we do not know them. There is a dire need for each other to support the community in order to run a better way. We have read each of your posts and in every post, you are referring to the fact that instead of voting ourselves, give people commenting in the community Share your vote in. This will increase their courage and will continue to make better comments.
Sir, the effect of your talk started falling in the community. People have started coming forward for the help of each other. We are grateful to you for this noble initiative.
I can do as much as I am for the community and I will continue to do it.
About fork20 nothing say . Changes are the rule of the nature, whether there is a life of change, whether it is boredom in both steamlet blockchain. We expect that any problems arising from this update will soon become normal.
Regards sir

Hi friend, thank you very much for your words and I really hope that my initiative is reverberating in the community of sup supportive of each other. For me this would be very significant because above all I believe in valuing people regardless of the stage of their lives. Regards

Completely agree @chbartist
Nothing is easy in this world. If you are getting something easy then thee is something attached to it.
We come across various obstacles and challenges in life and the way how you deal with them decides what kind of person you are.
If yiu shy away from those situations then they come back to you again at some point in your life. This is what I observed

Thank you for your time my friend!

really good tip for cooperation and organization !


I agree with you, thanks!

This isn't worth 290 dollars, this is worth about 2 cents

Very impressive. You have reminded us one of the realities of life. When we choose to see positivity even in an uncertainty, it brings out the best most times. Think and live good in a good company, our lives will be better for it. Nice thoughts!I it

Thank You!

I am alos relatively new to your blog posts and love the engagement in the comments as I think this were a lot of the value is created as it gives is as authors the perspective or feedback on the thoughts of the community which can help guide us forward. We are all partners in this community and I think it is partially why there has been a lot of passionate discussion about the Hard Fork but this is great as at least it demonstrates the interest of the community in expressing themselves and wanting improvements. The latest post by @steemitblog I think does a great job in addressing most of the concerns and learnings from the situation so now it is up to us to engage and provide the feedback necessary to adjust accordingly.

I will be visiting that publication to see if it clears some doubts that I have, thanks for mentioning it. 😉

Exactly! Great words!

Greetings, your articles seem interesting to me. There are several literatures that describe the power of gratitude, as well as, the importance of recognizing that we are 100% responsible for our life experiences.
But unfortunately, people do not want to admit it, on the contrary, they look for guilty people around them, however, sometimes, this vision is obtained due to the environment in which they live, but neither they take care about analyzing their behavior or seeking advice.

Thank you @soanna for your words!

It really is that way ... it is better to be with positive people than to be surrounded by negative people ... I usually try to be positive ... but I recognize that with the HF20 I got a little worried, hahaha.

The important thing is that in our life we always try to see the glass half full and not the glass half empty ... Recognize and appreciate what we have instead of complaining about what we do not have ... and learn from the mistakes made .. You have told us about several failures and how you learned and got up, thank God ... You did not stay regretting or complaining ... you acted, you corrected, you got up and you progressed !!! That's why I like your publications! you leave a good message and you transmit positivity!

Have a great day! 😉

Exactly Blessed - Thank you for you comment!

Being positive has so much to do with ones perception and attitude about life. Some people always try to see the advantages in situations confronting them regardless of how challenging the situation may be, while some others would never see anything positive in a situation even when the situation seems very favourable. It's all about our mindsets and our mindsets influence our perceptions and attitudes.

Concerning the launch of hf20, i think the frustration of its negative impacts was motivated by the misinformation of its immense benefits prior to its launch. We were all told that it would benefit all steemians and place the platform as one of the most sought after social media platform. But the opposite was the case. limiting engagement on a social platform won't help the platform. I'm just hoping that hf20 wouldn't slow down steemit growth and mass adoption in the long run. This is not being negative but just stating my observations.

I understand what you mean but there is an attempt to combat spam. Regards

Hope so that your blog change the mindset of beginners who want to quite after HF20. You are making great efforts I have written a blog which is RC in a good if you want you can check it out here is the link it is for all who is thinking that we should quite

Thank you for your comment!

It's a heroic idea to put up a post to advise, encourage and motivate others.

I love interacting through comments and I also value it a lot. Being real and positive is all I try to maintain.

Btw, I'm new to this blog and i love what I've read. Would try to keep an eye.

Have a great day!

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Thank you! You're Welcome

@ chbartist your words make me remember Mahatma Gandhi's famous quote, "Be the Change you wish to see in the world"
Keep sharing your thoughts and motivating us.
Good Day!

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I like the appointment of Mahatma Gandhi

Thanks for those kind words ..stay blessed ☺

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Thank you for your kind words!

Reading your posts has really brought me to the understanding that nothing in this world comes easily. It makes me realise the need to work hard and strive to connect with more people. Truly, we need each other to survive us social beings as we are. Its a blessing to read this daily..thanks for the word man!

Thank you for read and your time!

DIOS les bendiga a todos, creo y pienso que las personas que hemos llegado a Steemit hemos venido por nuestra propia voluntad. Es por eso que no entiendo cuando hay personas descontentas por ciertas modificaciones de la red social cuando todos estos cambios son para bien y para la sostenibilidad de la misma. Adelante, porque sin duda que cada día será mucho mejor en esta maravillosa red social.

Exato! Saludos!

The title is certainly a brief of the entire article. I completely agree from your thought process, moreover we should be the one like we want our partner to be this will make life more meaningful and sorted.

Thank you, regards!

That is the duty to be, always keep the positive attitude despite what is presented, although the truth is sometimes not so easy, especially when you do your best effort over and over again and still do not get a good result

Exactly Friend

love to see this awesome post. keep < a href="">sharing such type of posts.

"Recognizing other's work is as important as supporting each other" 👍👍

Hopefully this can happen in all working places.

"Recognizing other's work is as important as supporting each other" 👍👍

Hopefully this can happen in all working places.

thank you for this motivation dosis, keep doing that well.
Being positive is the key to keep going through life.

Call to action-good. Locus of focus-great. Inclusivity -smart. a logical artist-role model. Thank you

This is a great post. Your ideas definitely tie into empathy and understanding, but it's more than that. Thanks for sharing your experience and insight.

attitude is important, dts true

you don't believe in taking breaks bro ?

@chbartist nice to know about your experience... very inoformative post and yeah attitude is everything... great post!

Gracias por tu motivación!

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me ha encantado es un excelente post, saludos!

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Wonderful and inspiring text. For me it has been a bit difficult to start on this platform, but your words encourage me. Not only for thinking positively and expecting the best result of what we do, but for the vision of teamwork! It is fundamentally networking so that we continue to grow collectively.
Thank you. I follow you and I hope we continue reading.

Positive thinking--that's the ticket!

Attitude is everything!

The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.

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Thank you!

I share with you, your point of view, I think the first thing we should do is to take a self-criticism test, recognize our mistakes and starting from that base try to correct them instead of always looking for someone to blame. Surrounding ourselves with positive people is super important to evolve correctly and to that extent we try to help others correct their mistakes as well. Very interesting your reflection and attitude towards life. I am new to this community, I am trying to understand how it works to be able to give my best. I'm going to follow you, although my blog is about cooking recipes but from there I also try to facilitate the lives of others with my post.