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There is nothing more stifling to success than rigid thinking. Rigid thinking leads to rigid behaviors and rigid behaviors leads to dead end. In other words, while there is a certain amount of comfort to routine, too much routine can choke off all chances that you will be able to successfully reach your business goals. Why? The answer is simply. The world, including the business world is constantly changing. Rigid thinking and rigid behavior, by definition are resistant to change.
Therefore, rigidity in thought and action, spells obsolescence in the business world. Everyone else moves forward while you are left behind in the dust. So what's the answer to this problem? In a word, flexibility.


In today's world, information is power, money and control all rolled into one. The fast and free flow of information is what makes it possible. Everything changes quicky and what is a successful formula or a popular product in one cycle can be and usually is old news in the next. The only way to successfully stay on top of this bucking bronco of information and use it to your advantage is to be flexible enough to roll with the changes

Flexibility is easy to achieve as long as you are not too tied down to any single idea, product, service or manner of delivery. If you keep up changing market condition through the judicious use of the flow of information.
The only trick you must not be afraid of is change, instead you embrace it. If changes is the only reality in the business world then, and to be successful in the world, change has to be your reality as well.

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