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Hello everyone, thanks so much for stopping by today and a warm welcome to you all today, hope you are having a nice day at home. I just want to quickly want to drop this here before I leave, we need to do some examination as we are also preventing the deadly virus called COVID 19.


  1. Wash your hearts. {psalm73:1}
  2. Keep a social distance from evil. { job28:28 }
  3. Avoid the crowd of wickedness and wicked men. {psalm 1:1}
  4. Cover your mouth from being infected from the sneeze of sin and hatred. {Lev 19:17}
  5. Do not shake hands with abomination. {Deut 25:16}
  6. Do not hug heresy and false teachings. {2peter 2:1}
  7. Be safe so that you will be saved. {Jer 17:14 }
  8. Sanitize your life with the word of God. {psalm 1:2}
  9. In case you notice any symptoms of sin, call the helpline of Christ in prayer. {Jer 33:3}.
    Always remember to boost your spiritual immunity with faith and the power of the Holy Spirit. {Jude 1:20}. Please feel free to share this to all your loved ones, your friends and to everybody, we need encouragement in a time like this.
    Thanks so much for creating your precious time to read this I really appreciate your efforts and time spent on the post.