CO2Fund's WIN-WIN-WIN Concept: FAQ and Conversation Handout

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Opening: Put it in a nutshell

Der CO2Fund offers a WIN-WIN-WIN concept

  • primarily for our environment,
  • for the company that can make it's commitment public and appeal to (a new generation of) customers and
  • probably for your investment that could compensate or even exceed your membership fees.

Three good reasons to take action now.

Questions that will arise for companies

1.1 What is the organization behind the CO2Fund?

Website Simplex World Society:

Summary: Simplex World Society is the Swiss association that hosts the CO2Fund.

1.2 What is the concept for companies?

About the Compensation Concept for Companies - and why membership fees probably are a good investment too:

Summary: 2/3 of the membership fees are used to support CO2 compensation projects by a supply of CO2 Compensation Coins directly. 1/3 of the membership fee is used indirectly to support the CO2 Compensation Coin by holding them by the Simplex World Society.
To prevent assets from accumulating at the association the accumulated CO2 Compensation Coins can be returned to the members.

1.3 Are there more benefits for companies?

Yes. Every company will receive the CO2Fund label with an individual QR code that refers to their page on the CO2Fund’s website. Please see examples of the label at the end of this post 👇🏼
The label can be used for any purpose offline and online. The QR code is a proof for your membership that can be simply done by everybody who is interested in.

1.4 What does it cost to help our environment and support the CO2Fund?

Overview about the minimal Membership Fees:
Same information on the Blockchain:

Summary: The lowest membership fee for a company start with 45 EUR per month. However, individual arrangements can be made.

1.5 How can I pay my membership fees?

Bank Account and other wallets for paying Membership Fees:

Summary: Within Europe a fast and cheap SEPA transfer can be done. From outside Europe an international bank transfer is necessary. Several cryptocurrencies are accepted as well.

1.6 Are there any obligations for the members?

No. There are no obligations. Every member can always stop paying the membership fee at any time. You won’t be a member any more 15 month later by default or at any time wanted.

Questions you may already have

2.1 Where can I get information about the CO2Fund?

Website CO2Fund:

2.2 Where can I read more about the basics of the compensation concept?

More Details can be found in the regulations of the CO2Fund:
Direct link:

2.3 I know a company that could be interested. What do I have to do?

If the company is willing to pay the CO2Fund membership fee you should ask for a Simplex World Society ID (SWS ID) for the company. The SWS ID should be mentioned on the transfer form. You can get contact on CO2Fund’s Discord Server:
An alternative for everybody is the contact form:

2.4 Can I benefit from recruiting a company as a member?

There is a referral program for Steemians and Hivians (everybody who has an account on Steem or Hive). You find the description here:
If you don’t have an account on Steem and want to participate contact CO2Fund:

Other Questions

3.1 I already have a Steem account. How can I reduce my CO2 footprint?

A Step by Step Guide for Steemians/Hiveians is published here/here.

3.2 Can private persons, who are not so familiar with Steem, become a member too and reduce their CO2 footprint?

Yes, private persons can become a member too. Your find the membership fee here:

Our Labels

Banner EN ch00.png

Banner ES ch00.png

Banner DE ch00.png

These labels are examples with a white default QR code. Company members receive the label with an individual QR code that refers to their page on the CO2Fund's website.

Closing Remarks

An important feature of CO2Fund’s concept is that the regular membership fees are also used as a trigger to get investors into the CO2 Compensation Coin. The membership fee itself is leveraged in this way.
The fact that the projects have to resell the coin ensures a healthy circulation.

Thank you all for supporting CO2Fund

CO2Fund is a project by @retinox

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