CO2Fund Safety: COCO now stakeable

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The CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) is stakeable now.

Why and what advantages does it have?

COCO has all features to be a valuable coin in the future. A dedicated application will provide a good circulation, the coin will gain more support and demand and it’s ’covered’ by STEEM and HIVE.

Investments on behalf of the members of the Simplex World Society but also your private investment should be as save as possible. A strong security feature for coins on steem-engine (like on hive-engine, Steem and Hive) is the possibility to stake them. So even if your active key is stolen your coins can’t be transferred/stolen immediately - they need to be unstaked first.

Unstaking details

  • 45 days for a complete unstake
  • 3 transactions

The complete process to unstake all requested coins needs 45 days, divided into 3 transactions. So every 15 days one third of your coins are released.


If you hold a larger amount of COCO, stake them. One unstake (cool down) period is 15 days - so it would be sufficient to examine your account every 2 weeks for an unauthorized unstake process. That's a good compromise between convenience, availability and safety.
If you are not sure whether you need COCO available to trade or donate, you always can start an unstake process and cancel it [and stake again] if you don’t need the coins available.

Just in case

If you discover unauthorized unstaking stop it with your active key and use your owner key to create new private keys.

Thank you for supporting CO2Fund and be on the safe side now

Please have a look at my CO2 compensation project - one of all of us:

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All in Order to Convince: FAQ and the Concept in a Nutshell

Further information

CO2Fund is a project by @retinox