GRAÇAS A DEUS For This Past Year

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You know friends if it not for cryptos I would not be still here, well it could be bad for somebody who doesn't care but a delightful thing for another one. What I appreciate was an improvement about my pain issues thanks to a seemingly simple vitamin that actually worked better than the expensive and hard to take Cinacalcet which I am glad that I graduated in taking because even though it is the medicine for my condition it didn't really improved my pain issues but only vitamin K2.

@michaelangelo03 and I talked about it because he was also taking it considering that he is a healthy adult while I myself have a very brittle skeletal system. So I bet that the man has bones that can last forever now. While I myself is already happy that my bones will not deteriorate anymore.

It took me a while before taking it again and it gave me a positive result. So basically what vitamin K2 does was to let your bones absorb calcium rather than calcium is just circulating in your system and calcifying things that should not calcify like the lungs and heart valves.

I do have calcification issues but at least what I think is that it is not enough for now for me to notice abnormalities otherwise I would be feeling it already with my lungs, heart, and skin. Some or most patients get calcification issues because Calcium in their blood made higher by hyperparathyroid as well as daily high intake of Calcium tablets creates more problems that it will ever solve.

The solution really is to make your bones absorb those calcium and it happens when a patient takes vitamin K2. I am stating this based on my personal experience and no doctor is recommending to take vitamin K2, only Calcium for most and some with vitamin D3 which had been advised by my Endocrinologist.

So that is the best thing had happened to me this year, it might be too little too late because physical changes already happened but what is important for me now is that there isn't much any lingering pain now and it gave me a better quality of life while in the other hand with cryptos it gave me a more peace of mind that at least I will not see myself dying because of lack of money to pay for my health care, God really worked in mysterious ways, thanks be to God.

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Cryptopie, whats up man, sorry i havent said whats up for a while. I havent been on steem for a while. Post more here! Lets have a good new year.

I would post more here thanks @captainquack22
We hope to have more good years to come and I had a big slice of it already thanks be to God.