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I am going to be trying something a little different, usually I come up with a few ideas each day, but they are lost to the void of the mind. I am going to start leaving them here in my usual abbreviated fashion. What better way to help the value of steem than to fill it with great ideas? Some of the things I come up with may or may not already exist in some capacity, it happens, but it helps me know that maybe some of my ideas are not so outlandish to begin with. So if you see any of my ideas out in the wild, let me know!

Idea a Day, Day one:


The Delay Determiner : Stream a Band Jam session with multiple people from different locations

To do this I want something that automatically determines audio delay and the audio delay of the other people you are jamming with including their delay to a server. I think we can achieve this by taking a control audio track that everybody can sing along with, for example, the program plays the ABC's, each person would then sing the ABC's along with the track, this would allow the program to determine the delays of each performer and synchronize them accordingly.
This could be used and adapted for many different applications as well as determining your own personal audio delay for use in post production.

How would you implement or change this idea?

Are there any oversights I made that would make this idea infeasible?

Do you think it's perfect?

Let me know in the comments below?

Well this was my idea of the day, and I already came up with tomorrow's while I was doing this. Thanks for reading!

I hope to see you guys around, you can count on more posts like this!

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