A Call From Maybe A Call Center 9.6.2021

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Some lady calls my cell phone and ask for my ex-wife with a name that I knew as a nickname she used to use. I didn't take that call personally, it went on the voice message.

How did she get my cell number? Maybe cause I gave it to my car insurance company, now it is out there for every boiler room to call.

I wonder what my ex-wife did this time? Maybe she bought something and didn't finish paying for it. I know from experience that, that happens as people came after me for her cause she didn't continue paying for a car. This was about 30 years ago when that happened. They told me that I sign for it.

Well, I told them years ago that if I put my name on it, I will pay. The man found a signature of mine that I did sign for a car when she was still with me, but she total that car and asked me to make a payment on her insurance before it got totaled. I did pay that insurance payment, then found out later that the 91 Ford Escort got totaled. Sounds suspicious? Well, it sounds suspicious to me. I found out later that she was mad that the payment for the accident was paid to the car company that she was leasing from and not to her. Well, anyway they got paid.

But the thing was that she went to the same people and leased another car and then she didn't continue paying so they came after me since my name was on the last car, but still in the file of the next leased car that she didn't pay on.

Well anyway, the guy told me that he found the paper with my signature on it. I asked what car does that concern? It was a 91 Ford Escort, I signed for that car as she was still with me at the time.

But after she totaled the 91 Ford Escort, then she leased, I forgot the year, but it was a Ford Taurus. So I asked the guy, what car did I sign for? I wanted something like the year, make and model. He told me it was for a 91 Ford Escort.

Then I told him, You say I signed for a 91 Ford Escort, but the car in question that you told me that she ran out on was a Ford Taurus. You find my signature on that Ford Taurus and I will pay, but you see I didn't sign for a Ford Taurus as she had left me by then and later she sent me divorce papers.

She even lied about the divorce papers saying to me that these papers were just separation papers, but I went to an attorney's office and they were divorce papers. I only signed the papers when I found out she was living with some guy.

So some call center that probably does collection was at their wits end wanted to know where she was so they called me, someone that has not even seen her in more than a decade now. She doesn't want me to know where she lives, maybe cause I might give out her location.

Well, I won't call back the call center as they should know how to use the internet, if they really knew how to use the internet, they would find her, but I won't tell them.

I am always getting funny calls on my cell phone, but if I don't recognize the number, I won't answer, they could just leave a message, if they want.

Let's end with a scripture, as it is written, with Jesus speaking, And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery. Matthew 19:9.

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