Our elders // treasure of life

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As children, we are used to seeing our parents as strong people as an "oak" (as my dad used to say), wise people who always have advice for their children and grandchildren; that apparently we believe that you will never feel the fatigue of the years and with it the arrival of many not so pleasant things (diseases, senile dementia, etc.) to your life.

When we live with elderly or people who for health reasons already show characteristics of an old man, we have to understand that they are equally useful beings to society. Understand that they are useful not to take advantage of them and exploit them economically speaking, but are people who with their knowledge and teaching set the values ​​in us as a generation of relief.

Therefore, I believe that we should not treat, nor see the long-lived people as useless, annoying and "foolish" beings (terms that I once heard from a young person); since they are human beings who wish each day to give more of that treasure they have called life experience.

On occasions, people who live with mom and dad or with some old man, we can hear that they tell us the same stories repeatedly and sometimes they change an episode; simply attend to your narration as if it were the first time we heard without interruptions, remember that in the future we will be in their places and they also deserve respect.

Avoid at all times do things that make you angry, we understand that with the age the patience is lost in many people and if it is true they are a bit stubborn, but do not imitate them since the elders are them and not us. I just want to tell you this, because we have to disrespect our parents or elders by making them angry by contradicting them; we just have to be more suspicious when dealing with them.

Remember also that, having them more years of life that we have always had many more good and bad experiences in life; therefore, they will always have a council to give and we should not miss that great opportunity to listen.

At all times, friends, we must keep in mind that old age is a "source" of wisdom to which we must go to "drink" and not allow the "thirst" to lead us to incur the errors that can be avoided.

Leviticus 19:32

32 .Before the gray hairs you will rise, and you will honor the face of the old man, and you will be afraid of your God. I am Jehovah. source