Things I love about my wife ...

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When maintaining a loving relationship with the lady of my dreams, relationship of 2 years, I think that I have a few miles traveled to describe the things I like about that young lady and that has been conclusive to keep this love story strengthened.

That is why I decided to confess publicly the things I love about her:

The one who looks me in the eyes when he says he loves me.

Your empathy, when I'm going through difficult times and I just need you to be by my side.

His wisdom, knowing how to keep silence on some occasions and speak when he must defend his point of view.

The respect he has for his body when deciding what to do with him, thus not allowing the abuse of others in it.

The one that loves me without conditions or prejudices, understanding that to love is not conditioned to the other part.

The one that is a hardened and enterprising woman in the life, becoming a warrior and visionary.

Their details every day, I fall in love and they teach me to be different from what I was before I met her.

The one who behaves like a child when turning taken from my hand, making me understand that I am the one who protects her.

That embrace me strong and kiss me passionately, as if it were the first time.

Her sincerity, at the moment of asking her to do something and she simply does not accept it.

The one that is a centered and balanced person in the life, being that suitable help and complement for me.

The one that has given me the opportunity to learn to love her, letting me know that I would be waiting for that moment.

For all these expressed feelings, these characteristics described and many more; is that today I can say that I know what I love about my wife.