Voice.com still pending

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It seems like ages ago now since the EOS team announced the brand new social media platform, voice.com, to the world and to a cheering crowd.

Its impact was so powerful that out of everything said and done in the June 1st annual EOS event, nothing else apart from voice is remembered by the majority of people.

Since at least August 2018, many individuals had been expecting a "steemit killer" app from the company, with Dan larimer famously declared
"It's obviously not a secret that we're reimagining steemit, steemit is running out of time" in one of his telegram chats with the community.

These antics got a lot of individuals rallied up and ready to join this new social media platform that was going to knock steemit out of the market.

Yet here we are, steemit still standing, voice.com still probably in alpha.

Now this isn't a jab at voice.com. from all indications, it would be a fantastic website and app.

More often times than not, we as individuals tend to overestimate the reach of certain instructions/instruments/development.

It's a shame that voice.come has taken this long to come out, even after an announcement 3 weeks ago, but we must ask ourselves, "is it really surprising?"

Blockchain apps, services and products almost never come at the time it is announced. Many mainnets have suffered similar faith, with testing and other aspects taking a lot of time in order to provide a smooth experience for users.

In a situation like it, it is often best to give 1 month or more margin for error.

All in all, voice is still looking good, but everyday, it proves that one should not focus on "killing" any dapps or app, but rather pushing your own uniwue product/service into the market.


There's room for competition. Competition is even better for the ecosystem. I guess Libra took the attention of EOS for the time being.

Lol ya, libra was a bang, it single handedly rose BTC from $8k to $13k b4 BTC dropped again.

I dislike when people are fighting other people’s business instead just promoting theirs.

I do not dislike Voice but I don’t like that ‘Steem killer’ acronym with Voice and it’s team.

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Well, it's not right, but it's also a form of promotional stunt.

People should focus in creating their own brands without trying to destroy the others.

Exactly what most ppl don't get till date sir