When Life gets blurry Adjust your focus

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Grand Rising Everyone!

Just having before my DARK BOLD GOURMET Alkaline To charge the long journey ahead of me. Was meant to fly out yesterday and had complications and ended up having to Adjust my Booking. In first realizing I may not fly out after all my preparation I briefly felt down and distraught about the unfortunate events happening because I was not about to leave the airport without a flight or fight lol. UNTIL I was reminded that a weak mindset only sees problems, whereas a strong mindset sees opportunities. And once I hopped back on to the frequency of opportunity, possibilities and solutions, I didn't stop seeking an alternative booking which I managed to get in the end (even though its a longgg journey). But as I was just about to recharge, I was reminded to remain strong and and be BOLD as I move forward. Reminding myself that despite setbacks I will make this trip worthwhile.

So I encourage you all to do what I'm doing and in the process of making solution-based thinking second nature.

When things in life seem blurry, Adjust your Focus and most importantly... Stay Empowered 😎💪🏽☕


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