A Trip to the New York Botanical Garden: Chihuly Exhibition

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New York Botanical Garden_33.jpg

Who is Chihuly?

Dale Chihuly is an American glass artist. He is famous for his site-specific installations in public spaces and exhibitions in museums and gardens around the world.

LuEsther T. Mertz Library Building

New York Botanical Garden_31.jpg
Blue Polyvitro Crystals

Visitors can see Chihuly's works on paper and other early works in the LuEsther T. Mertz Library Building.

New York Botanical Garden_32.jpg

New York Botanical Garden_34.jpg
Palazzo Ducale Tower

I made this trip to the New York Botanical Gardens mainly to enjoy the Chihuly exhibition. I've seen some of his breathtaking works before at a casino, but not his whole collection like this.

New York Botanical Garden_41.jpg
Fire Orange Baskets

New York Botanical Garden_35.jpg

New York Botanical Garden_36.jpg

New York Botanical Garden_37.jpg

New York Botanical Garden_38.jpg

New York Botanical Garden_39.jpg

New York Botanical Garden_40.jpg

You can visit his website for more information. https://www.chihuly.com

New York Botanical Garden_42.jpg
Red Reeds on Logs at Reflecting Pool

New York Botanical Garden_43.jpg
Float Boat, Koda Study #1 and Koda Study #2 at Native Plant Garden

New York Botanical Garden_44.jpg
Three Chandeliers at the Main Entrance

Haupt Conservatory

New York Botanical Garden_45.jpg
Sol del Citrón

New York Botanical Garden_46.jpg
Persian Pond and Fiori

New York Botanical Garden_47.jpg
White Belugas

New York Botanical Garden_48.jpg
Macchia Forest

New York Botanical Garden_49.jpg
White Tower with Fiori

New York Botanical Garden_50.jpg
Glasshouse Fiori

New York Botanical Garden_51.jpg
Scarlet and Yellow Icicle Tower

New York Botanical Garden_52.jpg
Mosholu Entrance

I crossed the street, waited for the train, 25-minute train ride took me back to Grand Central Terminal. Bought dinner at Grand Central market and walked home with a big smile on my face.

Thanks for your time, my friends.
Have a great day.


Stunningly beautiful scenery and works of art. Thanks for the chance to visit vicariously.

Thanks for enjoying them Majes.tytyty 😊.

The glass work reminds me of the ceiling of the Belagio in Las Vegas, very similar work, vibrant colors.

I think it's from the same artist. He has a factory and lots of people working for him.

Beatiful.... Thanks for sharing

Thanks Alol :)

I like botanic gardens so much! You always can see such pretty plans and flowers)) And you visited a very interesting exhibition too! Great experience!

Thanks, Kondratovaa! It's great we like the same thing :). Seeing something beautiful just makes life much better :).

Yes, I totally agree with you! I also think that it is a talent to see the beauty! :)

Aww 😍. Yes, it's a reflection of what we have inside 😉

Great travel experience and wonderful photography.
Thank you @dewdrop
Have a nice day
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Thanks so much Shavishtha. That's very nice of you 😊.

Wao nice beautiful place 🎵

Thanks Miho 😉

Thanks for making us share this wonderful trip with you.Your page is one of the nicest pages.I read your subjects passionately
All respect and love for you

Aww... You're so nice. Your comment makes my day 😍. All respect and love for you too my friend 😊.

This artist is a genius! He treated glass just like handling thin paper. He could even paint inside the glass texture! The design conception and execution of blowing the glass into all the different shapes are just mind boggling!

This glass exhibition is unique. Wonderful art exhibition!!
Thank you for the excellent work.

Hey! Another sweet comment :)! He has spent 40 years doing this so he's the master :D. Thanks for enjoying it, my friend :).

Hi! Hope you are very well! I have to come back for more colours' energy. I am looking at the blue, orange and yellow and red too,

Wonderful glass exhibition! Excellent photography!

Hi there! It's cold here these days so my body needs some time to get used to it. Your comments always make me happy. Thanks, my friend! I'll work on the next post soon. Love you! Have a good night!

HellooooO! Hope you are keeping warm. Life must be busy, I am waiting for your new post.
Missing your beautiful photos. So, I'll keep dropping by, just like going back to see art and flower exhibitions.

Keep well and healthy, my dear!


Spectacular, Would love to see this

Hey! Thanks 😊!

You're quite welcome

Excellent @originalworks

Stunningly excellent view and masterpieces. A debt of gratitude is in order for the opportunity to visit vicariously.

Aww....😍. Thanks for enjoying them 😊


The pictures made me feel I was at the exhibit, without making the trip.

Yay! That's my goal! Have a good night Mike!

these sculptures are simply adorable! :D

Aww... just like you my friend 😉

hello my dear friend! i was thinking of you when i posted it. I think you wouldn't like to miss it ^_^

You know me 😍. Thanks Reinika 😉

i do! ^_^
you are welcome! :)

смущенное спасибо.gif

These pics are amazing. These glass sculptures are incredible so I can see why you had that big smile on your face :)

Hey! Thanks! So happy you enjoyed them too :D.

Interesting post, beautiful pictures well done dew :)

Thanks, my friend 😊

His art is also on display at the US Federal Building in Hammond, Indiana. I used to call them the Dr. Suess trees. lol. Love the photos.

Yeah, It does look like that. Haha. I've never thought about that before. Thanks, John! 😊

Awesome place with great photograph. Love you post.

Aww...Thank you Coinfarmer 😊

Your wellcome..exited to wait you next post..

thanks for the comment on my post!

looks like you havve been many places, hope you're well :)

Thanks! Nice to meet you 😉! I used to drive back and forth between Sai Gon and Ben Tre a lot when I was young. I love hu tieu My Tho. Your post made a strong woman not so strong anymore. Haha

alright, thats great to know. I've been wanting to run into more viet people on steem, that would be interesting! I was on a brief boat ride on the mekong around ben tre. ill be looking forward to your posts.

It's a good feeling to meet you here. It's funny I haven't done the boat ride before. I'll try to do that next time. Thanks! Have a nice weekend!

Such a day bring a smile on everyones face. What a nice post. Have a great evening, but that will be oke with such a memory.

Hey! Thanks! You have a great day 😊.

Nice photos :)

Thanks 😊

Good job @dewdrop

Thanks 😊!

hi @dewdrop, this is amazing post, I Like it

Hi @myaceh! Thanks so much 😊

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The forms are incredible
Glassblowing is such an awe-inspiring talent and this artist is just... wow. Mind-blowing