A Trip to the New York Botanical Garden

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New York Botanical Garden.jpg
Can you imagine a 2000 pound pumpkin? Last week, the New York Botanical Gardens was home to the largest pumpkins in the world.

New York Botanical Garden_2.jpg

If you start near midtown Manhattan, the best way to get to the New York Botanical Gardens is to take the Metro-North train from Grand Central Terminal. You'll arrive in 25 minutes.

New York Botanical Garden_3.jpg

It was a beautiful day.

Everett Children's Adventure Garden

New York Botanical Garden_4.jpg

I shouldn't have gone in this area without my son but the harvest decor was so attractive...

New York Botanical Garden_5.jpg

There were beautiful flowers.

New York Botanical Garden_6.jpg

Giant Pumpkins! What? For real?

New York Botanical Garden_7.jpg

1353 lbs/613 kg pumpkin

New York Botanical Garden_8.jpg

1469 lbs/ 666 kg pumpkin

New York Botanical Garden_9.jpg

1511 lbs/685 kg pumpkin. Yes, they're getting bigger and bigger.

New York Botanical Garden_10.jpg

2269 lbs/ 1029 kg pumpkin - Second Largest Pumpkin Grown in the World 2017. More than a ton? Unbelievable!
I was happy to take a picture with it. One more thing I learned here is there are a lot of photographers. People were happy to help me take my pictures too.

New York Botanical Garden_11.jpg

The Champion 2363 lbs/ 1071 kg, grown by Joel Holland in Washington

New York Botanical Garden_12.jpg

I didn't walk inside, saved it for another trip with my son 😊.

New York Botanical Garden_13.jpg

Continuing my walk...

New York Botanical Garden_14.jpg

New York Botanical Garden_15.jpg

New York Botanical Garden_16.jpg

New York Botanical Garden_18.jpg

New York Botanical Garden_17.jpg

New York Botanical Garden_19.jpg

Haupt Conservatory, a major part of the New York Botanical Gardens

New York Botanical Garden_20.jpg

This building was constructed from 1899 to 1902.
What's inside?

New York Botanical Garden_21.jpg

Tropical Rainforest

New York Botanical Garden_22.jpg

The temperature was perfect for the human body. I was transported to another world.

New York Botanical Garden_23.jpg

Walking toward the desert...

New York Botanical Garden_24.jpg

The desert full of cactuses

New York Botanical Garden_25.jpg

New York Botanical Garden_26.jpg

New York Botanical Garden_27.jpg

New York Botanical Garden_28.jpg

I tried my best to capture the reflections in these shots.

New York Botanical Garden_29.jpg

New York Botanical Garden_30.jpg

To be continued...

Thanks so much for your time, my friends.
Have a great day!


We also have some large pumpkins in Half Moon Bay. Nice shots as always!

That's really cool! Great to see them! Thanks Glenn 😊!

Very nice place, we want to visit New York next summer. Hopefully we get to go here too. Love your work @dewdrop, wish I had a bigger upvote to give you, you deserve it!

Thanks! That would be great. You can easily spend a whole day there. You spent time to read this which made me very happy. 😄 I appreciate your vote, my friend. Wouldn't that be great if you become a whale someday. 😉

that is a Very impressive walk, many things to See and what a perfect place to be.
Sure you did like it. The pictures show how much I would like to go as well.
Thanks for share

Thanks, @livelifefullest! So happy you like them 😊. It's a big place and I would go back to enjoy the rest 😊.

Looks like an awesome place to spend a day at, that is my idea of fun for sure. That 2363 pound pumpkin is just insane, I would hate to be the ones moving it around.

Hahaha. It's like 24 times my size. Don't know how to steal it. Hahaha. You would be happy to be here. Being around people who love beauty is just awesome. Hey! Love that you resteemed my post. Thanks 😊!

Another colorful and interesting post, showing a side of New York that we rarely hear about or see. Thanks!

So happy you like it. Thanks 😊!

That's is a wonderful botanical garden. Too big to walk around in one day! The green house Haupt conservatory was built during the time of Queen Victoria in England. I think the grass conservatory there is much bigger than the one in London,at Kew Garden!

You did capture the reflection on water beautifully, I thought it was a glass surface at first!!
Envy your very nice day out exploring the world of plants and rare species.


Thanks, Kaminchan! Yeah, we need to go back someday to see the rest. I was surprised to see many plants native to South East Asia. I was like "Omg, they have a put these in a greenhouse?". We don't even need to care for them in Asia. Haha.
There was a glass exhibition happening at the time. I'm working on posting it :D.
It's always nice to read your comment. Thanks! Love you.

Thank you for your long reply! @dewdrop. You shouldn't, for I know your kind thought and intentions.
It would be fun to walk around with you while taking photos in a garden some where nice! NO One will be listening, we will be talking at the same time! LOL


That's a great idea! I would listen to you my friend. And take your pictures for you too 😉.

Thank you very much! You are always very kind and generous. I am very honoured by your friendship and compassion.

All the best wishes.

Aww 😍

Have to come back to check out the giant pumpkins! I am not sure whether people have taken them away to make pumpkin soup for the winter!!
You must be very busy with the holidays arrangement and appointments with relatives!

Happy holidays!
Stay warm!

Great photos and write up. Looks like a perfect way to spend the day.

Hi Brian! Nice to meet you! Thanks 😊!

Wonderful place for kids and adults alike to visit. Great pictures @dewdrop.

Thanks, Mike! You're right! I'll take my son next time 😊.

Hello beautiful dewdrop 😁✨
What a beautiful place ♥I want go ✈next time 😁✨
Last time my NY was just eat drink and shopping 😅🎵i want try that

Hahaha. Thanks Miho! I was just eat and drink in Tokyo too. Haha. I can go to the botanical garden with you next time 😉.

Nice post from the garden. Good colorful pictures. Seams to be an exiting place to visit :)

Hey there! Thanks! I'm trying to enjoy the outdoors before it snows 😊.

I did the same now its to late :)

Haha. You can still take beautiful pictures 😉.

Yes but pictures with colors will be difficult to find.

So enjoy mine and I enjoy yours. Haha

nice pics i like this place

Thanks, my friend 😊!

Beautiful pictures!

Hi there! Thanks 😊!


Absolutely gorgeous photos. So beautiful my friend. The Botanical Garden is outstanding.
Thank you for sharing. Following because I really enjoy your posts and would love to see more of them.

Thanks so much, Joanna! So happy you enjoyed. That gave me a boost 😉.

That's great, glad to help, and we all need a boost once in a while.

I've never seen anything of New York's botanical gardens before, it seems very much off the beaten path. Looks amazing though, your son will love it :)

Thanks! Yes, he will :). So happy I show you something different about NY. Yay! :D

Wow excellent photography.
Thanks @dewdrop
Upvote Resteem

Thanks so much Shavishtha! That's very nice of you 😊

Those pictures look amazing!
When I go to visit New York one day, that is definitely a place I wish to see :)

Thanks Jchenevert 😊! Good idea! So happy you like it. You are beautiful and I'd love to be your friend but I'm really scared of the snakes 😭. I often see them in my nightmares 😢. You're so brave!

How the hell do you grow those big??? Mindblown!

It's crazy! Have no idea 😄

you are really good at taking photo. so gorgeous!

Aww! Thanks Babe 😘!

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