A Walk in Manhattan

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3rd Ave & 72th St.jpg

What to do on a sunny day after a few rainy days? I went for a walk. Here are pictures from the walk last week I'm happy to share with you.

72th Street Subway.jpg

New subway station on 72nd Street and 2nd Avenue

Walking along 72nd Street, toward Central Park

Park Ave & 72th St.jpg

Park Avenue

Park Ave & 72th St _2.jpg

Park Ave & 72th St_3.jpg

I crossed the street a few times, trying to get good shots.No, I was not run over by a car. Haha.

Park Ave & 72th St_4.jpg

72th St & Lexington.jpg

Lexington Avenue

72th Street building.jpg

A building on 72th Street

5th Avenue

5th Ave.jpg

5th Ave_2.jpg

5th Ave_3.jpg

Picture of my left and right brain 😃

Central Park

Le Pain Quotidien Central Park.jpg

Would you like some snacks?

Le Pain Quotidien Central Park_2.jpg

Or brunch? Or rent a remote control sailboat?

Conservatory Water Central Park NY.jpg

This pond is called "Conservatory Water"

Conservatory Water Central Park NY_2.jpg

Ducks here are well fed...

Conservatory Water Central Park NY_3.jpg

even when they have more fish than they can eat right below their feet. Can you see them?

Central Park New York.jpg

I kept walking

Alexis dress, Central Park NY.jpg

The jungle was calling my name 😃.

Central Park New York_2.jpg

Here I was

Alexis dress, Central Park NY_2.jpg

Central Park New York_3.jpg

Sat down on a bench, listening to the wind through the trees, watching the leaves fall until it's time to go home.

Central Park New York_4.jpg

Would you like to buy a painting?


5th Ave_4.jpg

Flowers on 5th Avenue

5th Ave _5.jpg



Thanks so much for your time, my friends 😊.
Have a great day!


Hi! @dewdrop. Your photos are wonderful, colourful and energizing. I didn't expect Manhattan to be so full of colorful flowers and kind drivers who stopped for you to take photos!!
I wonder why you don't see stars as before!? Is it because the sky was too cloudy at night? Is it because there is too much street lights? Please tell me why?!

How wonderful to be able to enjoy a whole day walking and then you can have an ice-cream in the park too!!


Hi Kaminchan! It's always a pleasure to read your comment. Thank you so much😊! I think because I love flowers so much that I notice them everywhere 😁.
I grew up in the countryside and seeing stars at night was normal. Since I moved to the city when I was 18 ( many years ago 😁) I only see them when I travel. Maybe because the city lights are too bright?! But I can still enjoy the moon from my window and full moon energy is great 😉.
Because my son loves eating ice-cream in the park so I don't eat it without him 😁. I know it's just a silly thing 😁.
Thanks again Kaminchan! Have a good night 😊!

Hello dew, great post from the big city. That you have to going the middle of the street to see the blu sky seems strange to me. Luckily you have an iceland of green jungle available and a lot of amazing flowers around :)

Hey! Thanks 😃! It's strange and it's been a long time I don't see any stars. I looked like a crazy person trying to take those flower pictures too. But I did it anyway. Haha


If I wasn't a fan, I would have clicked away after 5 seconds.... AHEHAE

Hey! I had trouble loading steemit and posting the whole day yesterday. That's weird because all the pictures are the same big size 😃. Thank you for your patient to your fan Mr. Foovler. Haha. It would have taken me 1 hour to put words on a picture because I don't know how to. Hahaha

eHEEHE... they are all 17 MB?!? wow... I guess it doesn't matter, your followers won't proly mind the loading time... steemit will proly implement something to automatically compress images when uploading. I hope they do.

I shoot RAW. Hehe. I hope they don't 😅. That's the reason I don't like about Facebook. The pictures look really bad after a few years. Are you still in Japan?

Nope, i'm back... but my head is still on holiday mode.

Wao 😁✨beautifulday and beautiful photos and ofcouse you too ♥dewdrop 😁🎵

Aww 😍. Thanks so much Miho 😍😘😄.

I love your walks! Thanks for taking the time to share Manhattan with us! I have never been.

Thanks for enjoying them Cyn! I'm happy you spent your time here. Have a good day 😀.

Nice place and photography,upvoted:)

Thanks Maira 😊. Have a good night!

Colorful shots. You must have done a lot of walking that day.

Yeah! Remember the hot day last week? It was 81°F 😅

awesome town....

Hey there! Thanks 😉

You capture beautiful pictures! Good angles, sharp and colorful! I think you know your camera pretty well!

Hey! Thanks so much Sascha! Nice to meet you 😉. I enjoyed your pictures too 😊.

Amazing pictures here! I especially liked the one kid left/right brain LOL 😂 I know somebody who wants to do a NY Steemit Meetup would that be interesting to you?

Hey Alex! Thanks! That sounds interesting but hard to tell if I can make it in advance. Just read your post about shaving. Pretty funny. Haha

😄 Lol I’m glad you liked it! No worries! Please comment the usernames of the other Steemians you know in the East Coast Area to help build the community!

Ok. @cognoscere @dabeckster @dswigle @kevinrubin @liberty-minded @lozt @manorvillemike @rad007 @tattoodjay @unknown-one. You can find out more from these guys. Maybe I know more but don't know where they live :D.

These are truly stunning photos! Thank you for the wonderful tour of NYC

Thanks for enjoying them. Have a great weekend 😊.

Very sweet 😉

Thanks Subki 😊!

U welcome 😊

Great colors and pretty flowers! New York always seems to be something going on.

You're right. Thanks, Paul 😊!

Beautiful photos of NY!

Thanks Clove! Just enjoyed your amazing ones 😊.


Thanks for your comment 😊.

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